Rainy Day

i’m in the middle of vacuuming the floor… it rained this morning and it’s cloudy now… i really hate this kind of weather, ‘coz it makes me feel melancholic… it makes me miss home, and in fact i dreamed of it while taking a nap this afternoon… i haven’t been sleeping well, just five or six hours every night, and that makes me groggy and a bit moody… i really need to sleep for eight hours!
there are a lot of things to write, but i don’t have the time right now… hubby will be coming home soon and i have to clean, prepare dinner in a span of 30 minutes… i’m no superwoman and i don’t claim to be one but i know that i can do it 😀
hmm… before i forget, i have a class at 7:30… i wasn’t able to talk to her last night, her phone just kept on ringing… she’s a 50something middle school teacher, who lives alone during the week because her husband works in daegu…

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