Raw octopus in Korea

Wanna try raw octopus in Korea?

Korea raw octopus
Wanna try raw octopus?

Have you seen the movie “Old Boy” starring Choi Min Sik? There was an infamous scene where he was devouring a big live octopus. Well, raw octopus is a delicacy in Korea. It is sliced into bite-size pieces and dipped in gochujang (red pepper paste). I like raw fish (sashimi) but I haven’t had the guts to try “san nakchi” (raw octopus) and I don’t think I’ll ever try it. It reminds me of squirming worms. Yaiks!


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  2. Raw Octopus or is a delicacy in Korea just as Chicken Feet (Adidas) and Kilawin are in Philippines. I’ve heard it taste sweet and spicy (because of the dipping sauce) from my K-friends. It’s highly nutritious and have some medicinal value (libido enhancing) too. A word of caution though; it has been reported that some inexperienced eaters (mostly Koreans) have died of asphyxtiation (lack of oxygen) when eating this – mainly due to the live Octopus trying to escape while beeing swallowed in the throat and thereby blocking your windpipe.

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