Couple clothes: cute or corny?

Korean couple clothes
Korean couple clothes

Couples here in Korea often show their “coupleness” by wearing the same shirt. You see newly married couples wearing the same shirts at the airport. You walk along Myeongdong and you see more couples. You go to the mountain and it’s the same story.
You go to Ammyeondo. Walk along the beach and you see the couple above in white and red striped shirts.
Couple clothes. Cute or corny?


  1. They usually tag it as “couple-tee” haven’t tried wearing those but I’d rather go for same design different color ^o^

  2. eh ano bang pakialam ninyo sa mga yan???
    cute man yan o corny it’s a non sense topic and it will not help our country. wala na bang sense ang mga filipino ngayon???

  3. We also have one, same design but different color. Mine is pink and for him is dark blue. He bought it for us and decided what design and color fits me. I think its cute and sweet! LOL

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