Menstrual leave

Lucky Koreans! Starting this March, eligible female students will have a once-a-month menstrual leave. Quoted from an article:

The ministry said the move would protect the human rights of female students. Those taking the days off will not be penalized on their attendance records, and tests given on days they are absent will be scored at 80 to 100 percent of the score on the most recent tests they took.
Source: Schoolgirls eligible for menstrual leave

Most companies in Korea allow their female workers to have a once-a-month menstrual leave as well. These Korean women are lucky, at least they have a day less suffering from dysmenorrhea, heavy menstrual flow, headache, body pain, or even embarrassment from leaks!


  1. Wow that’s cool! They should implement this all over the world. It is acually beneficial to male classmates and colleagues – they won’t have to deal with PMS and all;) right?!

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