korea's "pinoy pop superstar"?

I have been mulling over a week whether I’ll post this or not. It’s not because I don’t have anything to post but the lady in this topic might disagree and chase me with an axe when she sees me.
Last January 1st, a very popular Korean variety program (전국노래자랑) had a special episode for foreigners. It is a singing contest hosted by 송해 (Song Hae). For this special, they invited foreigners of different nationalities, who are living in Korea, to sing a Korean song wearing their countries’ national costume. Prizes up to 1,000,000 won (or about $1,000) were provided to the winners. My friend, who isn’t really a singer but sings well, didn’t win but she said she enjoyed the time she spent participating in the contest. She looked a little different on TV. I’d say the boob tube didn’t do her any justice. She’s a lot prettier in person. Or I guess she didn’t put makeup as much as the ladies in the audience did. She sang the song “ì—´ì •” (yeol-jeong meaning “passion”).

I just decided to post this anyway since I’m really proud of her. She did well (despite her cough) and she represented us (pinays here in Korea) very well. She’s one pinay I wouldn’t mind seeing on Korean TV, smart and articulate. My husband commented that she speaks Korean like a Korean. And before I forget, her name is Jasmin 😉

  1. awesome! i wish i could speak korean as fluent as her.
    (i can only sing in korean [mandarin and japanese as well] )

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