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Last Wednesday night, I waited after the MBC Newsdesk to watch the first episode of “Gung S“, the male lead version of last year’s hit “Gung” (aka Princess Hours). In this drama, Korean singer Se7en (saw him last year at the Hi Seoul Festival) plays a chinese restaurant delivery boy in Chinatown (there’s one in Korea). They mentioned “jajang myeon” so many times that it made me hungry for one. “Jajang myeon” is the most popular chinese food in Korea. It is made up of noodles with black bean sauce, served with pickled radish on the side. It is so cheap and yet delicious (but that depends on the restaurant), just 3,000 won per serving or about US$3.00. Food is delivered a tin box, like the ones seen on TV (or the one Cha Tae Young was carrying in the movie “My Sassy Girl” when he trespassed at Sassy Girl’s university).
Chinese food is really popular in Korea, however the chinese food we know in the Philippines is quite different here. Ask Koreans about “chop suey” and most won’t know what it is.
I love the delivery service here in Korea, specially chinese food. The dishes are not expensive and they arrive fast. The restaurant also gives us a sticker for every dish we order, and we collect that in a booklet so we can trade it later for a special. About a month ago, we filled up a 50-sticker booklet and exchanged it for a free dish worth 30,000 won (more than US$30).

Chinese delivery favorites

Jajang myeon or noodles with black bean sauce

Tang su yuk or sweet and sour pork

mandu guk or dimsum soup

jjam pong or spicy noodles

  1. Hm-hmm! Jajang myeon seems really delicious! And tang su yuk, too!
    Mandu guk looks a bit similar to Pancit Molo.
    But I don’t think I’ll eat jjam pong. I’m not a big fan of spicy food.

  2. Hmm-hmm! Jajang myeon really looks delicious! and tang su yuk, too!
    Mandu guk looks a bit similar to Pancit Molo.
    But I don’t think I could eat jjang pong. I’m not a big fan of spicy food.

  3. hi,
    Im a viet-american from the states. We recentlly finished watching “fantasy couple” Of course jajang myeon was almost a character in the show so we had to go try it.. now Im hooked on it . Anyways, I find your site interesting since it gives me a little what life is like for non-korean in S. Korea.. Cheers

  4. “chop suey” is not a Chinese food, actually the food is of American origin according to Game Ka Na Ba?!

  5. hi betchay, I will be in Seoul with my family & officemates from Dec 26 to 30 and would love to try jajang myeon. i’ve recently become a fan of Se7en because of Gung S and while watching it, parang i wanted to try it also haha. pwede pa-share nman number & name nung pinagpapadeliveran mo ng Chinese food? the dishes looks tasty and mukhang affordable din. anywho, i’m searching the net kung anong food and saan resto masarap dyan sa Seoul. TIA – Liezl

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