Papaya dance hits Korea?

Not really. I was washing dishes after breakfast while my parents-in-law (who were here for the weekend) were watching the 8 o’clock news on KBS TV1. My MIL called me, pointed to the TV and said something about the “Philippine papaya dance”. I saw about two seconds of the clip where a group of workers (in the Philippines) were dancing to the song revived in Edu Manzano’s dance album. I guess the dance craze back home is as popular as the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” is in Korea. So has the papaya dance hit Korea? No. It was just featured in the news.
Here’s a sample clip of the dance. Borrowed from sushi16

Edu Manzano dancing to the Papaya song in Game Ka Na Ba?
Edu Manzano is my favorite Philippine TV host.


  1. I have never heard of this dance. haha, I always give people credit for being brave enough to videotape themselves doing a goofy dance.

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