Our own "Miss South Carolina"

“Bb. Pilipinas 2008” (Binibining Pilipinas or Miss Philippines) made headlines once again when Janina won Bb. Pilipinas-Ms. World 2008. She will be our representative for the Miss World pageant later in the year. She really made a mockery out of herself on the stage but like she said she’s only 17 years old and it’s her “pers pageant” ever. I read that she’s a Broadcast Communication student. Maybe she needs to study harder. She could’ve just used Tagalog instead of insisting to answer in English. Or I should just write in Tagalog, but then I’m not a candidate so I forgive myself 🙂 Maybe her nerves really got her since she “came from the tough ten”. (She sounded more like she came from drug rehabs to me, but she didn’t.)
At least, Miss South Carolina answered the questioned she was asked. Janina… ? “my family es the most important persons in my life”. Miss World will be held in October, so I guess she still has time to improve. Good luck!


  1. What is the big deal about English? I will never understand why this language, rarely used beautifully, is such a craze…

  2. yes i agree. i dont see anything wrong in that. Though her english aounds strange to most people, it really doesnt matter. The Ms World contest is a beauty contest, not a language contest. Still her english, i think is far better than many pinoys and a gazillion better than the majority of koreans. Fluency in english is not a measure of intelligence nor of a personality as a whole. Its an ordinary skill in the same level as a driving skill, mathematical skill, arts skills etc.

  3. i don’t understand why fluency in english is used to measure intelligence..I’ve met several friends and THEIR ENGLISH SUCKS but heyyyy chemistry and math are just a toy to them. They can open and fix almost all apparatus in the lab too yet they are just ordinary students in my lab. Even a US president committed a grammatical error and so did we..so please be considerate and open-minded to “us”.

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