1. shine’s comment makes me ask: is this just a kissing scene or like a way to tell fans they are an item. If the latter’s the case, I hadn’t the slightest clue.
    lol, awww… thanks for the screens!

  2. hi betchay! kumusta na? i have a friend who just moved to korea and is trying to cook adobo but having a hard time with the soy sauce and vinegar available there. might you be able to recommend specifi brands?

  3. i think it’s just a kissing scene… a good way for YG to introduce sandara to the public… poor girl though, lots of jealous fans are soooo hating her now
    @stef >> it’s better for her to buy soy sauce and vinegar from filipino stores… there’s one in itaewon that’s open daily… it’s located near the philippine embassy… there are different kinds of soy sauce in korea but i’ve tried “jin kanjang” for adobo…

  4. Thanks for sharing this latest news of Sandy, missed this “krung-krung” girl…from Charice Pempengco whom was exposed to Korean TV through Star King and now back in korea, Sandara Park whom are both products of ABS-CBN talent search…are now doing a name on their own…good for them. More power!!!

  5. I think Sandara is improving and on the right track… I guess during in ABS-CBN she’s not given a high training workshop… or maybe she’s just conscious with her Tagalog… We filipino really focus her flaws and mistakes not on how she can do and what she can achieve… Im not an avid fan of Sandara but after hearing what happened to her family I really felt sorry for her… She’s the one who carries the responsibilities that her Dad should do… I Guess korean people will love her becoz as we called her she’s Krung Krung, Frank, and Cheerful kind of a person. And have you guys watched E-Live interview on her? even she’s in Korea She still speaks straight Tagalog kahit sa totoo lng Purely Korean sya, and kahit what happened on her in ABS that she’d been replaced by Kim she give ABS the chance to interview her and she’s just the same person, down to earth.

  6. hndi Ako FaN ni Sandara–
    ..pEro im Happy For Her, d katulad s pinas d nmn xa inasikaso.. ginawang STAR and den ol of a sudden nawaLa laHAt sa Kanya!!

  7. sandara park deserves all the things she has right now . she strive hard to achieve all the things she want , so lets just be happy for her ok ? kung hindi man sya nagtagumpay d2 sa pinas eh don naman sa korea , she was able to achieve it naman dbah ??
    so ? for you sandara … im happy for you … keep it up .. dont forget to visit as here in the philippines huh .. cg po ingat …

  8. omg!!!oh my gulay,,,,,,,,top is very ugly!!!!ewwwww
    iam no.1 fans of ~HEROSAN~forever!!!

  9. gravehhh na tlga c sandara,… payo ko lang sayo wag ka na balik d2 sa philippines kasi bibigyan ka lang nila ng mga crazy and idiot roles sasayangin lang nila talent mo and beside puro kim and gerald lang yata ang nalalaman nilang artista nakakaSAWA na… sana marami ka pang mga shows na darating…

  10. i love this girl! I saw her at gerry’s grill near abs-cbn when we were celebratng my cousin’s bday..that was when she was still a big star in the Philippines..and she is so humble..and she is very pretty.. In fairness to her she can dance and sing it just need a little more improvement..but wow when i saw the new dara now she improve a lot! I also as an actress..she can well when she speaks korean..so i think she cn be big in south korea!

  11. nakaka.STRESS!!!…does she looks a boa…to be called the philippine’s boa?shucks!!

  12. hi
    sandie is the krung2x in phils i really like sandara…………….hope more blessing to come for sandara coz she is really ………

  13. sandara or zandala is a bitch hmf!!!!! i hate her and yubin and i hate han hyo joo shes a bitch too and i hate the wondergirl’s leader and i hate shin mi nah and hyori lee hyori is REALLY the biggest bitch in the world watch her pictures and clips and you’ll see cacabouda sur elle !! c’est une sale pute une trou de chatte et suce les bites et se fait lecher s

  14. ang haba ng hair mo…mgpakipot k ha…ang daming guys may gusto sa u!!!!ang gnda ganda u talaga!!!!promise…my make up o wala maganda k p rin…ung iba girls dyan s korea n sikat kng wala ng make up ang pangit nla…

    1. Ganyan din sa atin micaela.Maglalagay sa FB sasabihin walang make-up eh halata namang pink na pink ang labi at ang kapal ng eye shadow duhhhhhhhh! Saka inaakala kasi ng mga tao dyan sa atin porket maputi ka na maganda ka maski namang mukhang Petrang kabayo .Di sila marunong tumingin ng totoong maganda.

  15. Hi Dara talaga naman nakakataba ng puso na marami ang nagmamahal sa iyo na iyong mga tagahanga sa Pilipinas man o diyan sa Korea. More Power and more project to you,regard kay Li Min Ho at kay Tae Yang..God Bless You..

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