Crazy fans

I’ve been a fan all my life. I still remember going to tapings (yaiks!) and being an extra in two TV shows in the Philippines. I’d been to the backstage of a Sunday variety show several times (the father of a very famous singer always let us go with him to the backstage) but I never went gaga over stars like this… When you get used to seeing them, they become ordinary.

That guy is Yamapi, a member of the Japanese group NEWS. The scene was at the airport on April 6th. He should have traveled with a bigger entourage. Or perhaps he hasn’t heard how crazy K fans could get. (I went to a concert that featured famous boybands – Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ among others – and I didn’t enjoy it much because of the screaming fans)


  1. i read about this on…totally crazy. the poor guy! and yeah…what a bunch of scary fans.

  2. Haha. I experienced joining the rampage when Suju visited Guanjodong, Daejeon. Funny. I never thought I could transform into one heck of a fan boy! hahaha. Talk about being starstruck.

  3. I bet some of them are like me: jealous people who act like screaming fans just to make trouble for them and their fans…
    I’m kidding, I think. =P
    Personally, I like the rave and fanaticism K fans tend to have. It makes whatever they like seem even cooler.

  4. ^^ hi! i couldn’t find any Suju or TVXQ concert on the net in the coming months… but for Big Bang’s concert in Seoul, it’s 55,000 won (more or less $55 depending on the exchange rate)… the most expensive ticket at Shinhwa’s concert last month is 120,000 won

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