I once read that McDonald’s is the number one fast food store in the world except in two countries, the Philippines and South Korea. Jollibee tops in my home country while Lotteria lords it here in Korea. I brought some friends to Lotteria, they’re visiting from the Philippines and the USA. They’ve been having traditional Korean dishes since they got here, but today we had some Koreanized Chinese food for lunch and Koreanized burgers for dinner (I need all the top diet pills for all the food I ate today).
The Lotteria branch we visited is located on the 9th floor (Food Court) of aPM mall in Dongdaemun. There were not a lot of people since it was already around ten o’clock in the evening. AFAIK, the mall is open for 24 hours except on Mondays.
We ordered different drinks with the same burger — “bulgalbi”. The burger only costs 3,000 won while a set is 4,900 won! There are other burgers on the menu, however I was too lazy and tired to take photos that time. I’ll save it for next time 🙂


  1. Oh! I’ve heard of this from my friends in Korea and I’ve been dreaming of eating there one day! Waaaa this makes me cry T T and inspires me at the same time ^^

  2. I love Lotteria food already! Youn Ho and Seung hyun also took us to Lotteria when we went to Songnam. I think it is nice that people who eat there clear their table and segregate trash.

  3. your blog brings me back to my visit in Korea 🙂 my ‘oma’ (as i call the mom of the korean family i stayed with) bought me a burger for breakfast. i loved it! i don’t usually eat burgers but this one i loved 🙂

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