Baseball fans

I’ve been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. I just don’t watch as much games as I did before. You know, lack of channels here. When I was in the Philippines, I would watch the regular Sunday matches of the American soldiers at the park near us. My husband is a baseball fan too and we’ve been to a few games at the stadium. We’d like to see more games but it’s really difficult to get tickets (and I couldn’t follow the game when we watch at the stadium because of the cheers). I’m so looking forward to Baseball World Cup next year. I would cheer for my country’s team like I did last year!
One of my favorite American teams is the Boston Red Sox (something Ally McBeal and I have in common). I haven’t been to Boston but I would love to go to one of their games at Fenway Park. At least I know now where I would Buy Red Sox Tickets when I get the chance. Have I mentioned that I love the Celtics too eversince I learned that Larry Bird and I share the same birthday?


  1. i’m more of a basketball fan than a baseball fan (which i became after moving to Seattle). i am rooting for the celtics this season because of ray allen. unfortunately, they’re trailing by 20 in the 3rd right now. 🙁
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  2. I like playing sports, but I never enjoyed watching others play. I tend to feel left out, hehe. Have you taken your son to one yet?

  3. ^^ We’re planning to take him later. He likes to shout, scream, and beautiful girls so I think he would enjoy it.

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