Wii Games or PS3 Games?

One of my nephews in California (West Covina) will celebrate his 11th birthday next month, July 8. I gave him his name, Gabriel. I asked him what he’d like for a gift. I expected his answer would either be Wii Games or PS3 Games as they have both units. I was right!
I’m currently looking for titles. I originally planned to buy here in Korea but most of them are in Korean! I thought they might be available in both languages. Anyway, I’m just gonna buy from an online games store selling Wii Games. I’m glad to know that gamestoreUSA accepts Paypal payments. I don’t want to use my husband’s credit card to pay for my nephew’s gift even if I know that it’d be fine for him. It might be difficult to choose just one title as they have a large collection of games, but I’m glad to know that they offer multiple-item shipping.


  1. I have PS3 and Wii too, although I would trade both for a 360…
    I have to say, I play my PS3 more than Wii. After you get past the novelty of the Wiimote, the games are not so fun… What type of games does he like? I would recommend many, but many of them are Teen… haha.

  2. i really dont think he should be playing games… i also dont understand why they need two game units!
    (husband is here now, we are going to the province tonight)

  3. @ Betchay, cmon it’s like asking why women need a closet of handbags and shoes ^^
    Kidding aside, the PS3 is more of a serious hardcore gaming machine with lots of computing power while the Nintendo Wii is more of a fun machine. They are two different machines and you can’t compare the two.
    Emils last blog post..Blog Readability Test

  4. Wii games tend to reach a wider age range where it can be used for a family activity. This may be the first time where teens, parents and grand parents can play a video game where all can have fun and even get some badly needed excercise.

  5. Different consoles have different specific games which are exclusively be played. I like wii fit and I think this is the best console for gaming purposes.

  6. I totally agree with the provious comment, in fact we can even see serious games are released only for PS3 while family games appear on the wii console. The wii is a white and happy looking console, while the PS3 is black and all serious looking.

  7. I think new generation consoles are even going further because I can see many posts with camera enabled and there is no need of controls anymore. Anyways, I like XBOX360 more than both.

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