One of my biggest mistakes I’d made as a parent to a toddler is let my son watch the Disney animated film “Cars”. He used to watch Barney’s twice a day until that day he saw the race car animation. Now, he watches the movie twice daily! I swear I’ve almost memorized every scene in the film.
I read that Lightning McQueen is a Corvette with Dodge Viper backlights. I remember seeing Corvettes in my hometown when I was young (we live near the US bases) and I always thought that I would like to have that car when I grow up, even if I’m a girl. Alas, I’m in my 30s and I still don’t drive.
I wonder whether my son will remember this film until he grows older. Will he dream to have a Corvette too? Well mommy will need to save up then. I’m pretty sure he would like to have Corvette accessories to match his car – – car cover, seat cover, sun visor, wind screen. IMO, those accessories are a must to protect the car and retain its beauty.


  1. boys will be boys, won’t they? 🙂
    i’d prefer the underdog. Subaru WRX STI rally car. Corvette is only fast on a straight line but weak on curbs and turns. and when it comes to safety, Corvette will fail it’s driver. Subaru STI on the other hand will break itself to protect it’s driver.

  2. I never was a fan of cars… But my nephew is crazy about them! I am glad he hasn’t seen that movie yet!

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