Prepaid credit cards

Last June, I gifted one of my nephews a prepaid credit card for his birthday. He’s a freshman college now and I thought it’s more practical to send him money than a gift that he might not appreciate.
What are Prepaid Cards? They work just like credit cards that you use to pay for purchases online or offline. However, they don’t accumulate debt since they have been paid beforehand. Unlike credit cards, the amount you can spend depends on how much money you have on your card. That is really great specially if you’re on a budget.
Prepaid cards are reloadable and are accepted in most stores online and offline worldwide. Where Mastercard is accepted, a prepaid Mastercard will also be accepted. The same goes for Visa and Maestro prepaid cards. Before buying one, you should check out the Prepaid Card Review here.
The online site What Prepaid Card? will help you understand more about the benefits of using prepaid cards, specially if you’re in the UK. The site has a calculator so you can compare which brand is the best for your budget and needs. It lists the available prepaid cards in the UK with information on card type, associated feeds and benefits. On top of the list is the Cashplus Card by Mastercard.
Prepaid cards would make a great gift for your loved ones and even for yourself. šŸ™‚


  1. Prepaid credit cards are a great idea for people who want to be able to shop securely on line, but don’t have a credit card, either because they don’t want one, can’t get one, or are under 18. Make sure the card you go for displays either the Mastercard or Visa symbol, so that it will be accepted everywhere.

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    that is just want I’m looking for!!!
    Can you please send me same more details, I’m looking to but a pre-paid credit card in south Korea but most people don’t talk English there……
    I would very much appreciate if you could send me same details as
    1- where can I but the card in South Korea?
    2- what amount of many can I put inside one card?
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