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Have you ever played an online game? When I wasn’t attending school (I’m doing a certificate course now) and I had some free time, I used to play online games to kill time. I prefer online games since I prefer competing with real people rather than machines. One of those games I played is online backgammon. I would spend like an hour a day playing the game if I wasn’t very busy.
Backgammon is a board game for two players and is considered one of the oldest board games. It’s really such an enjoyable game to play since you need to be tactical to win (and sometimes you’ll also need luck!)
You can play Backgammon Online against a computer or another person somewhere else in the world. BGroom for example has a free downloadable software that you could use to practice. They also have a practical getting started guide to help you use the program easily. If you don’t know the rules or you don’t know a single thing on how to play the game, just click on their HELP guide. Joining a tournament is a lot of fun, but you’ll need to practice first!

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