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[singlepic=829,250,250,left]I was watching a replay of “Korean War in Colour” the other night and they described korean weather as “fickle.” They couldn’t be more precise. A few days ago, I could still go out in early autumn gear but today I woke up to a wintery cold weather. It’s going to be colder tomorrow (1 degree C) but before the week ends, the temperature will be back to a double digit (11 degrees C).
Korean winter isn’t as cold as in Canada or other northern countries (accdg to my Korean classmates who’d been there) but it is really dry. I keep the humidifier running when I’m home because my skin gets itchy at times. Anyway, what’s worse than the Korean winter is the subway during the morning rush hour. The trains are full and people are wearing their winter gear and yet the they also keep the temperature up inside!
It pays to check the weather bulletin on a daily basis. I visit the KMA website for weather info. It’s a good thing that they have an English version aside from the Korean site.


  1. Sana maaraw ang Wednesday diyan sa Korea para naman makapag-basketball yung friend ko and yung friend niya na magbabakasyon galing sa army. Sayang naman kung di sila makakapag-enjoy…

  2. According to wikitravel, yung winter daw dyan eh parang sa Midwest (e.g. IL, MI, MO). Malamig doon, since I stayed in the Great Lakes area for a winter season pero sanay na rin kasi three years akong nasa Massachusetts.

  3. hows the weather there in january? can I see snow during that time? 🙂 I have nothing to wear if it is really chilly. All i have are windbreakers and sweatshirts suitable for Manila weather only.. 🙁

  4. Hi Tita Betch, naku, dito rin po sa amin… nung isang linggo po, malamig pero umiinit na po ulit
    [maghahanda na lang po sa negative I have no clue]
    May classmate po akong Korean, sabi niya, winter condition na daw po diyan itong meron kami ngayon. It means one thing, balanced po ang area ng US, Europe, Korea and Japan… hindi po ba?
    Aarons last blog post..지금 나는 내남동생의 PSP로 블로깅합니다.

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