tbs eFM's Soul of Asia

When I first came here, the only English radio station I could listen to was AFN’s Eagle FM (102.7) for the US Armed Forces in Korea. Their signal isn’t as strong now compared to before though. Late last year, an all-English radio station started broadcasting in Seoul via 101.3 – tbs eFM. The main target listeners of the station are the expat community in Seoul. They broadcast from their building at the foot of Namsan (Mt. Nam) from 6AM to 2AM.
One of their shows is “Soul of Asia” hosted by Sara Kim from 11AM to 12 noon. It’s an hour-long show that focuses on life in Korea. It’s format is a balance of talk and music, as they usually play four songs every time. Guests who’ve been on the show include the gorgeous Eshe (the belly dancer – pictured above with Sara), Peter Bartholomew (of the Royal Asiatic Society – of which I’m planning to be a member of), and of course, more. (Sorry, I don’t have a list of all their past guests).
To listen to tbs eFM online, just visit their website and click the “ON AIR” icon on the upper left hand side of the page.


  1. Thanks for posting this up. Even though I don’t live over Asia way I do like listening to English speaking radio stations in other countries and areas. Think it’s the traveler in me that wants to get an understanding and keep up with conversation and current thinking in other parts of the world. I’ve found that with such radio stations, like tbs eFM and others, that there are a number of different ones that I can lsiten to over the internet.

  2. I’m a big fan of all English radio when I’m abroad. With these stations it’s possible to learn more about the culture of a certain country and also a little bit more about their music. I’m hoping that more radiostations will pick this up in Europe!

  3. Hi Thanks for the good reviews of Tbs efm. I’m a highschool student who do stuffs for VANK. Have you ever heard of VANK before? Anyway I do stuffs like promoting Seoul to foreigners outside using networks. I guess you do things smiliar to me except that you are a lot better than me. I need the picture of TBS . Am I permitted to get your picture dowloaded?

    1. Hi Joon! I’ve heard of VANK. I visited your site and I think you’re doing well. Sure, you could use the picture.

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