Fundraiser for Lolas

[singlepic=1081,250,250,right]Korea is not only the land of freebies, it’s the Land of the 2-in-1 too!
If you’d like to enjoy great music and dancing and don’t want to feel guilty about it, then it’s a must to be at the “Live Music Fundraiser for Lolas, former ‘comfort women’ of the Philippines.”
The cover charge is only 10,000 won plus you’ll get to see the beautiful Eshe and her belly dancers plus hear the music of Soul Steady Rockers (reggae), Anti-Roman (indie rock), Dharma Club (acoustic), The Pines (folk), singer-songwriters Cate Giordano & Jennifer Waescher and solo electronic artist Pika.
We all know that these grandmothers don’t receive any help from our own government. Fundraisers like these will benefit them for the things they need – basic needs like food, shelter and clothes, medicines, bathroom safety products (which are most helpful for the elderly who have difficulty with mobility). These grandmothers need our help and I’m pretty sure that they will appreciate all the help they can get.


  1. hi lance! i don’t know… i’m not an expert on ww2 but based on what i read only the japanese soldiers were allowed to get near the ‘comfort women’…

  2. This is a good fund raising campaign for those victims of WW2. About what Lance said, well think like that should not be discussed here because that is really sensitive issue.

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