6th (2009) Asia Song Festival

Yay! Super Junior and Girls Generation (so-hyeo shi-dae) will headline this year’s Asia Song Festival which will be held on September 19 at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium. There will be 15 participants (solo and group performers) from 9 different countries this year. Joining the popular Korean groups are Gackt Camui and Mihimaru GT from Japan; Hongkong’s Leon Lai and other performers from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine and China. Will the Philippines send a representative this year? River Maya was here last year and they impressed the Korean press and fans with their lively music.
For those planning their Korean trips in September, don’t forget to register at the Asia Song Festival’s website for your tickets. As far as I know, they prioritize foreign fans 😉


  1. awws… super junior hehehe. I agree sana si charice. It’ll be a good opportunity to have her mini concert and give thanks to the koreans kasi that’s where her fame started. Oo, kyuhyun and charice duet sana nga ;P hahaha

  2. urban dub would be a good representative for the P.I..they’ve been performing in music fests around asia..dice & k9 would also be a good throw out..i saw their new video & i can say its fits the new hip hop genre..they kinda have that asian hip hip flavor..just clarify one thing, im not a fan of both groups..

  3. woow,,,,
    i’m from indonesia,,,
    and i convince all of you….that our best artist in indonesia “agnes monica” will perform in 2009 ASF. She is an amazing artist in indonesia, and no.1 female singer in indonesia,,also the best diva. she will shake you off and show what she’has got.

  4. its free to go right? i was trying to go on the website but i cant understand it, i have that google translater but its not much help. i saw a pic with little tickets, am guessing to ge tthe tickets but when i click on it, something pop up an di cant understand it, like an error box.
    are you going and are u from the US?

    1. Hi Mizpa! Yes it’s free to go. I visited the site and they said they’re still preparing the page for the tickets.

      Before that they say it might be 2PM and Wonder girls!!!!
      And I already bought the tiget!!!!!
      whatever still got K-Otic to cheer!!!

  5. I saw a banner with Sarah Geronimo representing the Philippines on it.. I just wanna confirm, totoo ba yun?

  6. I’m from thailand .. I wish to go to korea to cheer k-otic. they are best boyband in thailand but I want to know how can I get ticket and sure that when I be there and can goin stadium.

  7. I think theyre sending Sarah Geronimo…Im not sure but Ive read one blog that have a list of artists that will be performing this coming September and the name Sarah Geronimo was there….Yeng can be a good representative…

    1. Hi martie! Her name is not in the official list of performers. There is no representative from the Philippines based on the ASF website.

  8. oh, at first i think i’ll comment in wrong site..
    he he he
    o my god.. Super junior will be there.. ?
    should i cheer superjunior or my country’s representative singer…
    oh oh.. big dilemma…

  9. ooowww.. i wanna watch.. but i dont know how to get a ticket.. libre ba talaga? wala na bang babayaran sa pamasahe? xD
    email nyu ko.. vkrdelmindo@yahoo.com
    who will be our representative, pinoys? charice or sarah will be great..
    i wanna watch SNSD’s performance.. huhuhu! xD

  10. I think, kelangan nang magproduce ng ABS-CBN ng singing group para ilaban. Maybe they have something in their sleeves, right?

  11. naisip kong representative ng Pinas ung mga galing underground na ang genre ay Alternative Rock or Electro Ambient or Shoe Gaze of Hardcore. XD

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