tbs eFM's Weekly Review

It was on the first week of August that I first received a call from the writer of the Sunday morning radio program “Weekly Review” on tbs e-FM, Seoul’s English radio station. She first asked if I could be a panelist in an episode to be recorded on September 17th at 7PM. I begged off since my job doesn’t end until 8PM. The writer called me again last week and said that they want a one-on-one interview instead regarding our “multi-cultural family”. I agreed since we’d be recording before I go to work.
On Thursday afternoon, the writer, whom I think is very pretty picked me up at Chungmuro Station on line 4. It was the first time that I didn’t have to go to the station by foot, because I was late (but it wasn’t really my fault). She didn’t confirm the guesting until 50 minutes before the agreed time and the last time she called was a week before that!
Anyway, I was surprised to learn that the host of the program is a Korean who didn’t grow up outside the country. Most of the shows on that station are hosted by native speakers and “gyopos” or Korean expats. My first impression of Dr. Kim is that he’s not an ajosshi. Residents here would know what I mean πŸ˜‰ The interview went on smoothly but I felt that I was talking too fast. I wasn’t nervous at all – must be because of the host who is just so pleasant to talk to.
After the show, the producer asked to talk to me in private. I was surprised by what she told me. It made me feel excited too but I’ll just wait until it happens before I talk about it πŸ˜‰ The “Weekly Review” is ON AIR from 11:05-12:00 noon on Sundays. You may visit their site, which is currently returning a 500 error, to listen to the program.


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