2009 Korea Live Music Festival

An event I’d like to attend this weekend is the “2009 Korea Live Music Festival”. I missed the 2009 Asia Song Festival and I don’t regret not being there. I had to cancel that time at the last minute even if friend Cathy (of Korea Times) had VIP tickets. However, we already set plans to visit my parents-in-law at their home in Jecheon.
Unlike the “2009 Asia Song Festival”, which featured mainly girl groups and boy bands, the “2009 Korea Live Music Festival” is all about rock and alternative acts. The event will be held on Saturday, October 17 at the Hangang Citizen’s Park Nanji Jigu near the Seoul World Cup Stadium from one o’clock in the afternoon until ten in the evening. That’s a full nine hours of live music.
I registered for a free ticket yesterday from Yes24 even though I know I couldn’t be there. The official website of the said event is not available in English.

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