A Korean Dinner

Two Sundays ago, we went to my first brother-in-law’s house for a dinner. All my husband’s siblings and their families were there. We were the first ones to arrive and I was surprised to find the traditional Korean tables (sang) already being set by my sister-in-law. She prepared the dinner all by herself and her middle school daughter helped set the table.
Our dinner was 100% Korean. There were 8 adults, 2 middle schoolers, 2 grade schoolers and three preschoolers. My sister-in-law has several tableware sets that would accommodate even a hundred guests!
I learned from my sister-in-law how important it is to use presentable dinnerware. It’s a matter of showing respect to the people you’re feeding. In her more than 15 years of marriage, she had accumulated a number of kitchenware. I’d also like to have my own collection not only of Korean style dinnerware. I like my fork and spoon heavy and of high quality. I wouldn’t use something 🙂
Anyway, my sister-in-law served us pork rib and kimchi stew, chap chae (noodles), and a variety of side dishes including acorn jelly (dotori muk), bean sprouts, perilla leaves, fresh brocolli, green pepper and seaweeds, and salad greens with her own homemade dressing. Of course, she also served seaweed soup and colorful rice cake since we were celebrating her husband’s birthday. I so enjoyed that dinner since I haven’t had a proper Korean meal for about a month before that. We’ve been ordering and just eating noodles for a month since we’re so busy! I can’t wait for the lunar new year celebration next month – we’ll be staying for three days at my brother-in-law’s house having Korean meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. WOW – Your SIL is amazing! That’s quite a spread, to be prepared by one person. And it sure looks yummy!

    1. Hi Melissa! She lives in the kitchen! LOL… She’s a good cook. I hate staying at their home during the holidays because of all the food that she makes. I always end up eating so much.

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  3. Their food presentations really inspire me..they are not just after with the taste but they also consider appearance which make it more appetizing…

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