French Cacao Pizza

I love pizza! Who doesn’t? It’s so versatile that you could put anything on it. The best one I’ve had was in NYC, at one of the several Ray’s Pizza near Times Square. That was more than three years ago and I still couldn’t forget how big, colorful and delicious that pizza was even with brocolli as one of its toppings. The serving was so big that one might need a fat loss supplement with the meal!
When I had my first pizza in Korea, I found it amusing to find corn on a slice of a combination and pickles on the side. Later on, I tried different flavors like bulgogi, sweet potato, and potato. I don’t think I would find these back home. Anyway, a few weeks ago as I was browsing the “home service booklet”, I found this:
It’s called French cacao pizza and I’m so tempted to try it, if only I could purchase just one slice! I tried the chocolate flavored Close-up toothpaste before and it was strange.


  1. in my opinion the most nutritious food is either italian or mexican. pizza is one of them and taco. i remember eating my first taco at ninas papagayo in angeles or is it in balibago i dont remember its ancient times. pizza with kimchi or tuna wasabi isnt far fetch it could be a best seller

    1. are you from angeles too? i had my first taco at “del taco east” sometime in 1984… yeah, that was a year after the first mcdonalds in dau was built…
      i haven’t seen pizza with kimchi, but i’d seen chocolate with kimchi being sold in some gift shops here

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