Kim Yuna Syndrome

We have a longish weekend as March 1 is a national holiday here – the “March 1st Movement” or the anniversary of the “Declaration of Independence” (sort of like the “Cry of Balintawak) from the Japanese colonizers. We couldn’t agree on what to do this weekend – my son wanted to go to Everland, my husband to his hometown and I envisioned myself visiting Gyeongju. Alas, we didn’t wake up early enough to go anywhere this Saturday. We just glued ourselves to the TV cheering for the Korean short track team. I’m also spending a little time on the computer checking out how could work for me since I have also been planning on my online store. I hope it will make promoting the site easier and less time consuming.
Yesterday’s gold-winning performance of Kim Yuna is still the talk of the town. The highlights of the free skating was replayed several times until SBS signed off. I watched Kim Yuna’s performance while at work – it was fun watching the competition with my co-workers who were all so nervous. It was crazy when the Figure Queen’s score was shown on screen.
Right after finishing my work at 6PM, I checked the internet for news of the Figure Queen. What caught my attention was all the allegations about her “plastic surgery”, all based on a comment made by a plastic surgeon that Kim Yuna’s body is not typical. Oh well, one can’t please everybody.
MBC News, a news program in Korea, reported last night about a “Kim Yuna syndrome” affecting the populace. Young girls brought troop to the ice rinks with their parents and imitated Kim Yuna’s moves. The brands that Kim Yuna is endorsing are also benefiting – from jewelry to milk. Portal sites in Korea are populated with Kim Yuna videos and bloggers like us have been writing about her before she even went out to perform for her short program last Wednesday. Kim Yuna’s Cyworld is also getting a lot of traffic even though she has not updated it since last month – with close to 275,000 visitors today.
When will this “Kim Yuna syndrome” in the country end? Just enjoy it while it lasts. The next Winter Olympics is four years away!


  1. ang galing galing ni kim yuna. very graceful movements and from the heart performance nailed her that gold for south korea.

  2. not a big wonder whole korea had queenified her and little girls now can do the technical difficulties that won sonja henie several gold medals. although asada is the first skater to do a triple triple she was blown away by typhoon kim yuna including the rest of the competition if there was competition at all

  3. i stand corrected its triple axle that mao asada cleanly landed the only female skater to do so in an international competition but kim yuna is simply awesome

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