Airstar Magazine: Jang Dong Gun

The last time I went to Incheon Airport, I took a copy of “Airstar” – a free magazine published by the airport. I found it at the basement near the food court. There were only two copies left and I only took one. The March-April edition features my favorite – Jang Dong Gun – on the cover.
Inside are four full-page pin-ups of the Korean topstar.
The article is written in Korean and English.
JDG talked about the movies he’s doing.
He also compared making movies in Hollywood and in Korea.
Aside from JDG, there is a short article about Lee Min Ho’s challenging gay role and Mun Geun Yeong.
This magazine is free, so if you happen to be in Incheon Airport don’t miss to get a copy especially if you’re a JDG fan like moi.


  1. hi betchay! totally out of topic, but i saw your post about nami island here in your blog and i was wondering…if we will be coming from ibis hotel in myeongdong to take the train to nami island, which train station should we go to? cheongyangni or seongbuk? thanks for all the help?

    1. hi sollee! wala… i think it’s because of his eyes… pero marami naman korean na mukhang SEAsians

    2. No Jang Dong Gun does not look like a Filipino, hahaha. We can only wish Pinoys have that chiselled gorgeous looks like Mr. Gun. Your everyday common typical looking Filipinos that originated from Indonesia/Malaysia don’t have jawlines and narrow high nose bridges like Mr. Gun, unless those minority who still have strong genetical features remaining from breeding with Spaniard Europeans. Pinoys have flatter and wider nose with rounder eyes due to creasing of the eyelid than Koreans. That’s the case with most South East Asians who generally have flatter nose with rounder eyes vs Far East Asians who generally appear to have slanty eyes but with narrow higher nose bridge. But, Jang Dong Gun looks unique…appropriate words to describe his looks would be…he looks very Western with Asian flavor, not Filipino. Women everywhere would flock to Phillipines if our country men resemble anything like Mr. Gun. 🙂

      1. oh i agree with you. he’s just super smexy! i hope he will continue to act/modelling even after marriage. He shouldn’t just be quiet and waste that rare good looks just because he has settled down.

  2. when i first saw his face on TV i thought he was part indian. kasi ung eyes nya medyo bulging.

  3. Thanks for this Ms. Betchay! I love JDG too since AAE. I’ve watched his other movies as well. 😀 I must say Taegukgi is my favorite movie. I am yet to watch Mr. President. 😀
    He is about to make a lot of ladies cry on his wedding. hehehe!

    1. I love Good Morning Mr. President… laughed so hard when I saw it at CGV. I also took a few of the brochures, would you like one?

  4. natatandaan ko siya yung “kenneth” sa “all about eve” na ipinalabas noon sa isang koreanovela sa atin sa pinas..kasama nya doon si chae rim..noon pa man myroon na syang appeal^^i’m crazy about koreanovelas before that’s why i’m sure it’s him^^

  5. do you know if i can read AirStar onine? i’ve seen the last magazine on board with many many pages of Rain (Jang Ji Hoon), but failed to own one.

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