Cherry Blossom Festivals

I’ve been kinda busy the previous days browsing the net for a daily deal. Despite the really low income tax I had to pay last year, I still got a refund that I could spend for moi. Anyway, it’s really spring now and it’s the season for cherry blossom. Since these flowers are seasonal (and usually lasts only two weeks), it’s something that shouldn’t be missed. I haven’t actually since a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree yet this year. There are various cherry blossom festivals happening this month in South Korea. It’s best to visit on a weekday though, since a weekend usually means crowds! Here are some of the places to enjoy the spring flowers in Seoul:
* Yeouido Spring Flower Festival – April 6 to 18 (to get there by subway: Dangsan station on line 9, exit 4; Yeouido station on line 5, exit 2; National Assembly Station on line 9)
* Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival – April 7 to 11 (take bus #2 from Chungmuro Station)
* Seoul Grand Park – March 24 to April 25 (take subway line 4 to Seoul Grand Park station)
^^last year at Namsan (a few days before the scheduled flower festival)
I like visiting the Changgyeonggung (Changgong Palace) since it isn’t so crowded and isn’t as noisy as the other places. I went there last year for the spring flowers. It was just lovely!
VisitKorea has a list of other Spring Flower Festivals all over the country.


  1. beautifully clean am sure there are unclean areas in seoul but theyre rather exceptions to the rule.

  2. This is what I’ve been waiting for! I’m hoping to see the festival in Yeouido before it ends. Thanks for posting this.

  3. hi betchay!!! i have been visiting your blog and i find it really informative. im really excited to see cherry blossom trees soon. i will arrive in korea on 23 and my husband promised we will watch cherry blossom fesival. woah i cant wait!!!

  4. Thank you again for this info Ms. Betchay. Can’t wait to see Cherry blossoms for the first time. ^^ Are there Cherry blossoms as well at Nami Island?

  5. hopefully next year ate =) of course after my visit to the phillipines that is hehe πŸ™‚

  6. I was just at namsan park yesterday. And there was no cherry blossom festival yet as well as in Youido. I think it is still too early for that. Most of the cherry trees are still not yet ready. The cherry trees that we have here in Bundang, at the park, are in full bloom. So I thought it would probably be the same everywhere. I took my friends to Namsan and Youido, but they were a little bit disappointed. Well, maybe in a week, there would be a “real” cherry blossom! I hope so. I don’t want to disappoint my friends again. They were so excited to take pictures with the cherry blossom;)

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