Scene in Seoul: Waiting for the train


Waiting for the train. Isn’t our subway station so clean? It’s almost lunchtime and there isn’t a lot of commuters. Our station is usually crowded at eight in the morning when people are on their way to work. The LED panel hanging from the ceiling shows where the train is. There is also a coffee and drinks vending machine from where the old man is sitting. The only thing lacking is patio furniture so it would be as cozier.


  1. I experienced riding subway for the first time there in Korea and I was surprised by the glass panels. My friend said it was to prevent people from jumping or being pushed into the oncoming train. There are no panels in the MRT here in the Phils.

  2. impressive…so clean.
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  3. i super love the trains in seoul! it is so convenient and even if you don’t know any korean word you can ride and get where you need to go. i think its the best public transpo i’ve ever been on.

  4. ang lupet ng subway station! kelan kaya magiging ganyan ang mga train stations dito sa manila?

  5. ^i know..i envy them for having such a clean and organized station which makes it enjoyable for commuters..dito grabe bastusan pa..tulakan dito tulakan doon..all hell breaks loose..:D so far i think the only time i enjoyed riding the train here in the philippines was with the lrt 2.. it;s cleaner and organized compared to mrt and lrt 1 stations..

  6. in fairness, tulakan din minsan sa subway dito lalo na sa line 1 or pag peak hours… pero walang personalan, gusto lang makarating sa paroroonan ;p

  7. kahit saan din naman daw may tulakan..kwento sakin ng tita ko na nakatira sa japan dun daw yung mismong guards ang nanunulak sa mga tao papasok sa train para masulit yung space tapos may tagahila din daw pag puno na..ayos un ah.. 😀
    pero kung hindi makikipagtulakan, eh walang mangyayari sayo kaya go with the flow na lang..

  8. One of the cons on using Seoul subway is the number of stairs you have to climb up and down. Escalator and elevator is not so common
    Its not recommendable especially when you’re carrying heavy luggages.

  9. One thing I love about Seoul is its subways!<3 ^^ And lol the fact that you can take photos and no one will try to stop you :))
    Can't wait to go back this fall!<3

  10. i am going to travel alone this Sept, (on a tight budget)
    any suggestions and recommendations for
    – super mura matutulugan, dormitory (YMCA) style is OK
    – place to go to for 4 days of stay
    – where to eat?
    – where to exchange money?
    – where to meet english speaking koreans i can talk to or assist me?
    thanks a lot!

  11. I’d been to S. Korea last April-May 09 and at present I’m now here in Singapore and Malaysia until Sunday.
    Singapore is very much similar to s. Korea just the weather is like summer there. Very clean, lots of tree shades discipline roads, subways, buses . apartment buildings etc.
    Boring if wala kang trabaho dahil laht ng tao busy like S. Korea.

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  14. I have visited Seoul a few times to visit my son and am always impressed by the cleanliness of the Seoul metro and the frequency of the trains.
    I also commend the ‘Seoulites’ for their helpfulness and friendliness on the streets.

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