Out shopping!

It’s really autumn now – the sky is so gorgeously blue and the temperature has gone down. I can’t wait for the leaves to turn to different shades of red. Yesterday, the whole family went to Heyri Art Center in Paju City in Gyeonggido.

yesterday at the Heyri Art Center

I just realized that I have to go out to shop for fall clothes for my husband and son today. I’ll be in Myeongdong today not only to shop for them but for my customers too. It’s such a lovely day and I’m excited to be out on a weekday. For me, I’ll do my shopping online as usual. I have some shoebuy coupons to save me a few bucks on shoes.
I generally prefer shopping online for MY clothes and shoes since it’s kinda difficult to find these things for my size. I generally use my credit card to purchase online. However, for those who are not confident about using the credit cards due to security reasons, there’s eBillme that allows one to pay using cash in so many online stores. It’s also for those who don’t want to acquire debts and they just want to spend within their means. The website also has special deals so the customers could save more on shoes, clothes, electronics and more.


  1. it would be really nice to go out shopping for this season’s clothes again.. ah, can’t wait for Anne, shopping buddy, to come back home here, haha…
    checked my closet and i still can use my loose autumn clothes from last year. unless i really suddenly grow big this coming month..
    at the moment, i just need a hooded jacket for my early morning walks…

  2. Buying online nowadays are the trends. everything are online now. but for those who are afraid buying online with their credit card, they can read reviews before doing a purchase. -Phnoy

  3. hi, ms. betchay.
    i’m in bucheon, gyeonggi-do. can you pls provide me directions on how to reach Heyri Art Center in Paju City?

  4. hi Betchay! It has been just few days since I came back from Korea, and i already miss everyting about it. Esp – shopping! clothes, food, cosmetics! imho – Korea is truly a heaven for shoppers.
    Could you please share with some online malls/shops sources in english? I would love to be able to buy korean stuff online.
    thank you in advance

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