Koreans top Face World Match

While looking for articles on colon cleanse, I came across the top story on Daum as of this moment are the two Koreans who top the “Face World Match”. One news article was titled “Korean male and female, world’s best face on Face World Match”.

Face World Match

What is this Face World Match anyway? It’s a newish iPhone app created by a company called Danal, based in South Korea. I don’t know exactly what is the app all about since I don’t have an iPhone. Here’s an article from Tech Journal on what the app is all about.
Anyway, the #1 “Hot Face” (or ul-zzang) are Kim Changjo (female) and Lee Hanguk (male). The doll-faced Ms. Kim is a college student in Busan; while the sheepish looking Mr. Lee is a model in Gwangju.
Face World Match

Ms. Kim and Mr. Lee might have won from the votes of Korean “Face World Match” app users. However, there really are a lot of pretty Korean women and cute Korean guys especially here in Seoul.

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  1. korea has an abundance of pretty women that it is not only the land of morning calm but also land of beautiful women. wonder if it is same as in japan where an american author once wrote that japan is a country of pulchritudinous women and ugly men?

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