Lee Da Hae issue on Korean news

The issue on Lee Da Hae’s “Philippine English comparison” has reached Korean news. When the video of her guesting in a tv show became viral and Filipinos flooded her Tweeter and Facebook account with invectives and complaints, she posted a longish letter of apology clarifying the misunderstanding. She said that it was never her intention to insult us. She also said in her apology that she didn’t know that the broadcasting company labeled that said part as “Philippines”.

She has apologized. What more does she need to do for us to be satisfied? Let this be a lesson to all non-Filipinos not to talk about us. So don’t ever write nor talk about us in radio programs, TV shows or movies; because you won’t know how we’re going to take it (unless it’s something to make us chant “Proud to be Pinoy” on Youtube or other public forums). It doesn’t matter that we too can be sometimes insensitive and insulting to non-Filipinos. What matters most is that you don’t mention us ever especially when it comes to our skills in the English language! I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be the next Claire Danes, Alec Baldwin, Chip Tsao, Teri Hatcher, Adam Carolla, Lee Da Hae or even Gloria Diaz ;p
To my fellow Pinoys, there is nothing wrong with our accent. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but we should always try to improve ourselves especially if we’re teaching the language. You may want to check out Jose Carillo’s English Forum.


  1. you are right/ i am not philipino, but i know how sensitive people become towards any critic when they live abroad.

  2. Napan0od ko si LDH sa Arirang channel. Un ung nagh0st sya ng Mr.World 2010 if I’m not mistaken. She’s n0t a g0od english speaker herself. She really really S-U-C-K-S! She’s the w0rst h0st ever!

    1. Hi Sarah– may problema ka ba sa letter O mo? Kasi ganun din ang letter ko O ko eh, kailangan i-shift para gumana.

  3. I admit, I got pissed when I read this article in yahoo saying she apologizes to Filipino fans for mimicking our accent in a very insulting way. I don’t think our accent is wrong since what makes the Americans’ accent right is because this language originated from them or if not, it is their first language. Since we assumed that the English language is owned by the Americans, we also assumed that their accent, how they used their words, how they speak, is correct – without thinking, even just for a second if what they say is coherent and obliges to the rules of the English Language. It’s funny that they insult Filipinos, directly or indirectly, on purpose or not, thinking that many Koreans fly to the Philippines just to learn this complicated language when in fact, it is not our Primary or First Language. So what if the accent isn’t like the Americans nor the British People? As long as most Filipinos speak this language fluently. Not to mention, even if given the option not to, Filipinos still try to use this foreign language in communication, verbally and non-verbally – without an interpreter. coughsbeauty pageantscoughs

  4. i wonder if kbs supported LDH’s explanation that she didn’t know her comment was labeled for Pilipin sangsengnim? because I clearly heard the host say pilipin sangsengnim…how come she now claims the comment was not for pilipin sangsengnim? if that’s true, what was her answer to the question pilipin sangsengnim?
    major, major fail!

    1. oo nga naman~
      anu naman kaya stand ng KBS on this issue?
      hugas-kamay bah laro dito?
      o dinadaan nlng sa pera kaya hindi na mapanuod sa youtube ang nsabing video ngayon?

  5. by the way, this issue was also aired in Umagang Kay Ganda this morning…figuratively, the whole nation already knows about it. so yeah, LDH has joined clair danes and the others in the list : P

  6. though they she said that she didn’t mean to insult us Filipinos. it was still rude that she tried to make fun of how Asians speak English. kahit i-deny pa nya her facial expression said it all! — rudeness at its best….

  7. Kaya standing ng a KBS anu attempt in this problem? Dito hugas – kamay bah laro? NLNG mountain pera kaya, o mount dinadaan Sabina mapanuod video and northern India nsabing video ngayon?

  8. Didn’t the filipinos were shown on video laughing and taking pictures when those Hong Kong tourists were killed during the Filipino police raid of the hijacked tour bus? It looks like what goes around, comes around.

    1. I was reading your comment many times and whatever I do, I still do not get if your opinion is about the video of LDH on Youtube or what happened last August between Hong-Kong and Philippines. The issue between Hong-Kong and Philippines has a big difference with the topic that we are talking here. If you are a Filipino then you should have understand that what happened during the hijack was unintentional. You should have at least not to generalize that all Filipinos liked what happened before.
      Forgive me but I am a Filipino and I know what Filipinos are capable of. Please do not connect issues which are not typically connected.

  9. The hosts in the show were laughing and clapping their hands as Miss Lee Da Hae mimicked us Filipinos. Balat-sibuyas nga ba tayo o sadyang sobra na ang ginagawang pang-aalipusta ng mga banyaga sa atin?
    I recall a Kiwi’s speech about us Filipinos. She said that we are a humble people. That no one could bring us down anymore because we are already at the bottom. She then encourages us to rise up and fulfill our calling as Filipinos. Right now, many of our countrymen became blessings to other nations, giving their talents, their skills, their all just to provide for their families in the Philippines…
    I love the Korean people but may I say that what the show did, not only Ms. Lee, but also the hosts of the show, showed how low they were because of their pride. Making their people laugh at the expense of our people, who are teachers of their own people makes them… what?

  10. We, from call center industry are so piss about this news. KBS should’ve edit what that KOREAN being had said and the main thing is she heard the question loud and clear…Couldn’t she clarify the question?Is she stupid not to understand that question?
    Filipinos really has an accent but the good thing about us is that we can neutralize our accent and even mimic several accent.
    I was wondering if this KOREAN being knows that call center here in Philippines is booming and that will prove that we can be good and converse well in English even it’s our second language.
    There are so many friggin’ comments on her facebook page though.I hope her Korean shows will be ban her in the Philippines and she will be considered PERSONA NON GRATA like CLAIRE DANES before.
    What is the use of her sorry when the damage has been done? And KBS should release a statement as well….
    We hope no more issues like this will occur in the future…No one has the right to belittle a race on their way of speaking/talking!!

  11. tama si betchay. Enough has been said. Nag-apologize na yung tao. Just do well in everything that you do kababayans; no excuses. it is no use getting even, get ahead.

  12. L.D.H. 96% of filipino people can speak and read english dialect. Just put on your mind miss L.D.H…………..

  13. Miss L.D.H watch your mouth, we loved and supported your movies… is that how korean actress treat their fans?

  14. well, the DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE! explain explain pa..haynku! so bkt pa sila kumukuha ng Pinoy instructors for their study of the English Language?? ayus..

  15. nyahaha !oo nga sabi na nga ng host * PILIPIN sangsengnim* tapos sasabihin niya pa yon dapat kung sincere siya PUBLIC APOLOGY!!

  16. pilipino ka nga, tong blog mo naman parang mas pinapatronize mo koreans. oo may point ka, pero kahit san mo tingnan mali ginawa nila. sige nag apologize sya, okay fine. pero syempre kung sa kanila naman ginawa yun ng pinoy diba maiinis din sila? don’t do unto others what you don’t want to do unto you. un lang yun.

    1. hi jelly! siguro first time mo nag-visit sa blog ;p
      anyway, move on na… marami naman mas importanteng issue na pwede natin pag-ukulan ng pansin… hindi rin naman ganun kasikat or ka-importante si LDH sa Korea…

      1. “… hindi rin naman ganun kasikat or ka-importante si LDH sa Korea…”
        Ms. Betchay, kindly check this, burahin mo na lang kaya.

        1. @YK, let the management decide, this is her blog and no need to direct her. take care of yourself.ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  17. ang O-OA at napaka balat sibuyas talaga nating mga pinoy, para yun lang ginawan pa ng issue…..kakahiya tuloy tayo, super insecured tuloy ang tingin sa atin.

      1. This issue is already over in this site. Please don’t speak against your people. Your speaking also reflects yourself. Let us be one in this aspect. Love our countrymen.

        1. I’m replying from the WP admin so I’m not sure where this reply will end up. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned Lee Da Hae now knows that what she did could be insulting. She has apologized and for me that’s enough. Mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko ;p Hindi naman isang malaking krimen ang nagawa niya at marahil dala ng kanyang kaignorantahen na akala niya nakakatuwa ang ginawa niya. Marami naman sa ‘tin ang ganun di ba? Kala natin nakakatawa pero hindi naman lahat ng tao ay pare-pareho kung mag-isip (human nature ika nga). Kung nabasa mo naman unang post ko tungkol sa ginawa ni Lee Da Hae eh kahit papaano na-offend ako dahil dito ako sa Korea nagtatrabaho at marami rin dito ang kagaya natin na madaling maniwala o nadadala ng mga naririnig o unang impresyon. Pero makalipas ang ilang oras (yup oras lang inabot ng inis ko kasi masayahin talaga akong tao) eh nahimasmasan na ako at nang napanood ko uli ang video eh natawa na ako – dahil tama ako na maraming magre-react at isa na ako dun. Tapos hindi sinasadya nakita ko video ni Pnoy na nag-joke tungkol sa mga guro. Ay parang mas nakaka-insulto joke niya pero natawa rin ang mga guro ;p
          Ayos lang naman na mag-komento kayo or ilahad ang nais niyo pero alalahanin din na kung ang iba ay nakapagpatawad na, irespeto niyo na lang yun. Hindi yun dahil sa mas kinakampihan si Lee Da Hae o mga Koreano pero dahil nahimasmasan na sila (o kaya naman eh mas maraming importanteng bagay na dapat pag-tuunan ng pansin gaya na lang ng isyu ng Child Haus na mas gugustuhin ko pag ukulan ng panahon) ;p

  18. BULLSHIT KA LEE DAHAE!!!!! Anong sabi mo? hindi sinasadya? AW… WLA kang BRAIN talaga… Use your brain sometimes oi!!! DAMN YOU!!!
    Alam ko yong set-up for any shows in TV!!! Wala ba kayong script? And infact, lahat na puedeng ipalabas on air are all under screening.. Pero pinalabas, kaya intended na INSULTO talaga..

    1. wui…don’t be too rude…
      ….she deserves a second chance…at least she apologized….and accepted that she did make a mistake…
      MOVE ON NA!

    1. This is a never ending topic pag pinansin natin, pero minsan d maiwasan na mapansin. My son went to a dentist last week with his grandmother. The dentist asked my mother-in-law about the job of my husband, of course, with all pride, my mother-in-law said, “He is an English Instructor. He lived in the Philippines for a long time.” alam nyo kung ano sabi nung dentist? “Hindi namn English ang Philippine English.” Nakakapikon di ba? Then one night, my son was reading a story in English, bigla nagtanong biyenan ko, ano dw ba yung Philippine English. ( Pati biyenan ko doubtful na rin). Then, kwento siya tungkol sa sinabi ng dentist. My husband was irritated, you know. He said, very insulting, d nga cy marunong salita English tapos sabihin nya di English yung Philippine English. Anyway, this is quite common in Korea, we just ignore it (pero minsan d maiwasan).

      1. Ito talaga ang dahilan kung bakit nakaka-insulto yung pag-impersonate ni LDH sa Philippine accent. Insulting kasi ang context nung joke ay ang pag-kumpara nung tatlong accent at parang sinabi nila na ang pagsasalita natin sa English ay mas mababang uri kaysa sa pagsasalita ng Americano or taga-UK kung kaya ito’y katawa-tawa. Maaaring iba nga ang accent pero tama naman ang paggamit at nakaka-communicate naman sa English ang karamihan ng mga Pilipino. Lalo na kung sila ay English teacher. Sana mabago na ang mindset na ito ng mga Korean. Ang English ay “global language” na, iba’t-iba talaga ang mga accent ng speakers ng language na ito at ang pinaka-importante ay kung nakakapag-communicate ba tayo sa language na ito.

  19. anyone who has laughs at the Bisayas, Ilocanos, Capampangans, etc. need to be treated the same way then. and by the way slapstick comedies about this topic had been done in Pinoy cinema, TV, and theatre for ways we can no longer count. and it’s still ongoing. the probinsyanos deserve an apology all the way from the likes of Vic Sotto and Dolphy, to Pokwang.
    if you have laughed at a joke about someone with a regional tongue, then shut up. let’s fix ourselves first, and when we’ve done that, let’s demand respect from people of other nations.

  20. mejo na-offend din ako sa sa ginawa ni LDH on TV kasi maraming viewers ang madaling maniwala sa kung ano ang napapanood nila sa TV. pero na-realize ko, na tao lang din sha, nagkakamali, tulad din natin. minsan nga, guilty din tayo sa pang-lalait sa kapwa. ang iba nga jan, intentional pa ang pang-lalait. yung kay LDH naman, naging ignorant sha sa tunay na accent ng mga Pinoy. hindi 100% intentional.
    at kung minsan din, nagkakabiruan ang mag kakaibigan, o magkaka-classmate, like example, merong bulol magsalita. mejo ginagaya ng iba for fun. or ginagaya not to insult pero lambing lang. hindi naman lahat ng klase ng impersonation ay equivalent na kaagad sa intentional na pang-iinsulto. it’s about time to forgive. tulad nga ng sabi ni ms. betchay a while ago, hindi naman malaking krimen ang nagawa nya.
    let’s forgive everyone. who knows, baka tayo naman ang mangailangan ng forgiveness and understanding pag tayo naman ang nagkamali one day. let’s not be too harsh, people.

  21. To everybody:
    There is a letter addressed to KBS sent and posted in the Philippine embassy in Korea from our Ambassador Cruz.
    At least… our ambassador did something…. bravo!!!

  22. As this post is about Lee Da Hae dissing Southeast Asian English or Filipino English or whatever, let me just say that the English grammar skills being displayed by the people commenting here are absolutely horrendous…

    1. I agree! I don’t get why a majority (not all) Filipinos are being so sensitive about this. Filipinos make fun of other people all the time! Especially the Chinese. It’s so hypocritical to put someone down for something that you do yourselves. I went to Manilla with my Singaporean friends for vacation, but it didn’t turn out to be a great one because their “English accents” were mocked on multiple occasions. We went to the night market and a bunch of guys heard us talking and they tried to fix my friend’s English accent in front of me, a Canadian. It was ridiculous. I should have been the one correcting their English instead. My friend got punched in the face when he tried to ignore the guys and the police didn’t do squat! The crowd who saw the whole thing didn’t come to our defense nor did they try to help. I agree that Filipinos have great English with great grammar, but it’s not, I repeat… NOT… perfect… and to say that your country is the only fluent English Speaking country makes me laugh. Those from Hong Kong, Singapore and India outscore you guys when it comes to English grammar. They have thick accents just like how Filipinos have thick accents too, but they win. That’s my two cents.

  23. Filipinos are known to have great English communication skills with great grammar and accent. Hence, the continual growth of our call center industry, the rising number of foreigners visiting our country just to learn the language, and the growing number of Filipino English teachers in demand abroad. This is something we are good at.. something that we are very proud of. That is why mimmicking our English accent in an insulting way is indeed offensive.
    It is really annoying when you are insulted in a particular thing that you are proud of. That is why I can’t blame the negative comments/reactions of our fellow Filipinos.

  24. i know insulto yung ginawa nya,,,,pero meron pang maraming bagay na dapat tayong pag tuonan nang pansin

  25. Marahil ay hindi ito malaking bagay sa iba. Pero sa mga kababayan natin na ang pagtuturo ng Ingles ang ikinabubuhay (lalo na dito sa Korea), ito ay seryosong bagay.
    Alam naman natin kung gaano kama-impluwensya ang telebisyon at radyo sa mga manonood at taga-pakinig nito. Ano na lang magiging impact nito sa career opportunities ng mga kababayan nating English teachers? Kung ang hindi nga nila pagiging English native speakers ay nagiging dahilan kumbakit discriminated ang sahod nila, baka this time ay mas lalo silang babaratin, bababa ang tingin sa kalidad at kakayahan nila, or worst wala ng Korean parents na gustong Filipino ang English teachers ng kanilang mga anak. Alalahanin natin, marami ring ibang lahi ang nagtuturo ng Ingles.
    Kaya’t sa ganang akin, mas mabuti ngang napagtuonan ito ng pansin nang sa ganu’n ay hindi na maulit at mas magiging maingat at sensitibo na mga Korean tv networks sa kanilang mga ipapalabas.

  26. Geez…. I’m pure Filipino, but I do not take offense to this – It’s not even worth being upset about. I mean we even poke fun at our own accents (different Filipino dialects), because it is true! We also make fun of other Asian accents. Please, stop being such hypocrites.
    We do have that strong accent, and we should embrace it (It’s part of being Pinoy) – It’s not racist at all.@__@
    So what if we do have an accent? We still know we can speak/write/read English very well – It’s one of our official languages afterall.
    My fellowmen: stop being ridiculous, childish, and insecure.
    Focus on other things that are more important.

  27. I was pissed off when I saw this video too. Some Koreans who never experience going here in the Philippines are the one who look down to us because they don’t have any idea how good we are in speaking this language. I’ve been teaching Koreans for 1 year and glad to say my students are not like this people.

  28. ang masasabi ko lang…ok lang magcomment entitled tayo dyan…hehehhe kanya kanyang reaction yan.In my case,taas kilay lang and give her a “look-who’s-talking”look. Pag Korean kausap mo hay naku…pati ikaw nagiging English kamatis kasi pag straight English mo hindi ka nila maintindihan.Tayo pa dito sa Pinas ang nag aadjust sa kanila.Once I asked some of my Korean friends that why of all places they choose Philippines? Sagot nila…pare- pareho…we have an affordable lifestyle and majority of the Filipinos can speak English even the vendor,taxi driver or anyone that we could considered illiterate but still can communicate with foreigners in some way.Unlike daw when you go to China…when they tell the taxi driver take me to the airport…they cannot understand unless you draw an airplane.(according to them ha). I’m talking of these Koreans who were learning English in our country.Anyhow, this will serve as a lesson to Lee Da Hee that she should be extra careful of what shes uttering on TV cause shes a celebrity. She may apologized but Filipino people will not forget it.

  29. haha! wtf! well, she better explain why her fellow Koreans come here to learn the english language. she should be ashamed of herself. I’d be laughing my as* off hearing her utter just even one english word.

  30. She messed up but apologized for it. Thats it. Enough already! I am a proud Pinoy who possess above average abilities in the English language but I am far from being affected by all this. And I suggest you people follow suit! One thing I DO hope something could be done about is our woeful trait as a race of being emotional wrecks! We have other dire matters to devote our attention to people! GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER AND STOP WHINING!

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