Olly Bolly Online Picture Book

Philippine Ambassador to South Korea Amb. Luis Cruz posted on his Facebook about the “Olly Bolly Online Picture Book” project of Daum Foundation, a Korean NGO. He said that he narrated for the Tagalog version of “How Kabunian Created People” while Korean topstar (and one of my faves) Song Il-guk did the Korean version.

Olly Bolly Online Picture Book

According to their website, Olly Bolly’s objective is “to encourage understanding of different cultures in young people… We believe that differences should be a source of creativity rather than discrimination or exclusion.” Oh I love Daum even more!
The website is for free and it provides stories from different countries like the Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Thailand. Stories from Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey and Palestine are yet to be published.
There are currently 19 stories from the Philippines which include “Malakas and Maganda”, “The Trial of Maria Sinukuan”, “The Love of Lam-ang” and more. They are narrated in three languages: English, Tagalog and Korean. Subtitles that can be turned on or off are provided. Aside from that, special features are also included (just click the stars) like “Let’s speak Filipino” where one can practice the expressions and learn the vocabulary in the story. It’s a great tool for those who’d like to remember their childhood filled with traditional Filipino stories. We can learn more about our country’s culture through the stories, thanks to a Korean organization ;p (Koreans value their culture and traditions so much and this is one of the things I learned from them.)
Now I can teach my son my first language (Tagalog) through this picture book. He’s only four but he likes using the internet. Filipinos from other parts of the world can also access this as an ID is not necessary, unlike in most Korean websites.
Thank you Daum Foundation!


  1. tagal na to ah… =p
    i posted it on my blog and looking at it now,
    (http://sayjeez.com/?p=535) ikaw unang nag-comment hehe
    i use the site during our events at waterdrop…
    enihoo speaking of myths and legends…
    pwede ba mga nanay seoulites for an afternoon at the childrens museum? hehe may raket =p

  2. its so nicce to see (and Hear) exchanges in culutre. as much interest we see in our native language (tagalog), we, as filipnos has also gained so much interest in others. in these case the korean culture.i will be startin my studies in korea next year and excied bout it. kudos to everyone

  3. i can’t open the link you posted..can u give me the website of the olly bolly online picture book?thanks

  4. Jepoi…inbalance kasi thats how life is…besides korean women rarely marry out of their ethnicity…unless your caucasian of course
    lol from what I see…if korea keeps taking in foreign brides they r no longer going to be a pure race…like they claim they r….a part of korea will look viet, another part will look cambodian, thai, filipino, indonesian, chinese, japanese, and mongolian

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