Happy Turkey Day

It’s the last Thursday of November and that means it’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It also means shopping on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving dinner - Pinoy style with sotanghon, lumpia, adobo, rice and turkey

I’ve only experienced one Thanksgiving in the USA and we were in Washington, DC at that time. My sister drove me, my son and my mom to the country’s capital from Ohio on November 22, 2006. We arrived in the city about six hours later. Too bad that we could only visit the Union Station that day but we drove around the pretty colorful houses on the way to our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency for 60 USD a night. After checking-in we walked to the Union Station but it rained a few minutes later. We took the taxi back to the hotel and boy were we shocked that additional people in the taxi are charged. I think we paid 9 USD for that two-block ride.
Anyway, happy thanksgiving day to our families and friends in the USA. Have fun looking for bargain deals on Black Friday.


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