CUK to expel gay Filipino

The title in the Korea Times article written by Cathy Garcia and Kang Shin Who goes “Catholic University to expel gay Filipino.” Since the name of the school has been mentioned in the news article, might as well mention it in the title. ;p
The issue was earlier published on the Asian Correspondent. However, in the article written by Ms. Garcia says that he isn’t out of the school yet. He was just expeled from the dormitory and he’s currently fighting expulsion from the scholarship program.

Since the Filipino student’s scholarship is tied to his work as assistant staff at the English-dormitory, the scholarship is also being revoked.
CUK’s Won said the student cannot study at CUK if he has to leave the dormitory and the school cannot give him any special treatment.
However, the Filipino student refused to sign the withdrawal form and decided to fight the school’s decision to expel him.
“I asked them for due process,” he said, and now he’s waiting for the final decision. He still attends classes, although he now lives off-campus.

It was said that the students at the school are bothered by his actions, specifically with him trying to use the ladies’ bathroom. Sshh, I have a lot of Filipino gay friends and none of them would even think of using the ladies’ bathroom. And we all know why ;p
The Filipino scholar said: “I don’t know why they are making up these rumors… I never used the ladies’ bathroom. In fact, a (female) classmate, who reported that she saw me use the bathroom, later apologized to me and said she made a mistake”.
The Filipino scholar never hid that he’s a homosexual and yet the University still accepted him. Too bad that a school could simply expel him (from the dormitory) just because some students “are inconvenienced and are feeling unpleasant.” It is their own prejudice that they have to check. The university should teach its students to be fair, just, tolerant and broad-minded and not harbor bigotry.


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