Baby boom?

Spring is really here! Next week, we’re going to experience double digit temperatures. Hooray!
Friend Jehan posted on her Facebook account that her daughter is a month old. Time flies fast, isn’t it. The last time I saw her was during a baby shower hosted by Wendy at the indoor playroom of her apartment building. It was a success!
It took me more than a month to send Jehan the baby gifts I ordered online. In May, another friend, Anne (who IMO is one of the prettiest Pinay in Korea), is going to give birth.
My son talked to me yesterday about his friend’s mom, who is pregnant. Apparently, my son envies his friend because they are going to have a baby soon. Oh he’d be excited once he learns that his cousin (who’s like 30 years older than him) will also have a baby soon.


  1. Hallu ate Betchay! thank you po for the special mention, kkk.. and thank you ulit sa gifts.. they’re all really very useful. i love the “baby sac”..i was eyeing an expensive one but your box suddenly arrived. indeed, diaper bags need not be soooo expensive… kkk…
    oo nga, maybe it’s his way of saying he likes a younger brother or sister too.. Alex thought the pain i went thru would make me agree to an only child but he was surprised that i want one more (or 2 sana kung pwede and kaya pa, haha!).

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