Korean Pizza

We’ve been having an unusually rainy summer, according to news reports and my parents-in-law (who’ve been staying with us for the past two weeks). Sometimes we feel sentimental when it rains and we crave to have some comfort food. When I was in the Philippines, I’d crave for my sister’s homemade “goto” – a rice porridge with beef tripe. Or sometimes, “champorado” – a chocolatey rice porridge. Here in Korea, the preferred comfort food during the rainy season is “Korean pizza” – could be “pa jeon”, “kamja jeon”, “haemul jeon” or “bindaetteok”.
The “Korean pizza” isn’t like the Italian pizza – dough with cheese and toppings. It is usually made with a flour (or potato or mung bean) batter mixed with veggies or seafood.
* Pa jeon has green onions. “Pa” is Korean for green onions.
* Kamja jeon has a potato based batter. “Kamja” is Korean for potato.
* Haemul jeon has chopped seafoods – mussels, octopus, shells.
* Bindaetteok is made from mung bean.
Here’s one that I ordered from a nearby “Korean Pizza”. Yup, the name of the restaurant is really “Korean Pizza”.

Korean pizza
Korean pizza

It cost me 10,000 won. It has sliced green onions and chopped octopus. A good place to have “Korean pizza” is at Gwangjang Market near Jongro5-ga station on line 1. I just love their “bindaetteok”. Remember not to eat too much. ;p


  1. goto or champorado on a rainy day like this…ingat ms betchay if raining dyan…not good to get sick…typhoon Juaning here in the philippines…sad weather 🙁

  2. hi betchay! it’s been a long time:) i would love to eat that seafood pizza:) it looks yummy:)it’s raining here back in pampanga too coz of a typhoon but i guess on Sunday or Monday the sun will come out again hopefully:) you know a few hrs of rain will give us flooded streets already esp here back home..but we have to deal with it so i guess let’s just satisfy ourselves with comfort foods as you say:)..masarap talaga yung goto at champorado but right now we prepared dinuguan..yum yum:)..glad i had the chance to comment again here busy kasi ako sa pagfangirling doon sa mga bida sa Twilight haha lol..at busy rin naman sa school:)..haha ingat kayo lagi dyan..regards sa family:)

  3. feel so bad for our friends and family back at home. we are from cebu and heard that its been raining nonstop for days in luzon. we usually eat champorado or ginataang if its raining. never tried a korean pizza. must be yam.. yam…. ever tried pizza with fish anchovies?. we also have a weird weather here in CA. 1 week it was so hot 103 f then rains for 4 days and back to wearing sweaters since it was 60 f then come weekend it heats up again. this weekend we’ re going camping to lake tahoe cause the valley weather will be pretty hot. hope i won’t encounter another bear on our campsite. will try to catch some fish….grill them and eat with corn/rice, tomatoes, mango and bagoong. will spend more camping this summer…

  4. quite weird..maybe because it’s not the usual pizza we love to have here in the philippines..but i think it’s delicious..i’ll give it a try pag makapunta na ako ng seoul..hehehe 😉

    1. Pwede ka rin gumawa ;p Minsan type ko Korean pizza lalo na pag seafood. Mas okay siya kesa seafood “western” pizza.

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