Skinfood and Holika Holika Umbrellas

Eight years in Korea and I never had to buy an umbrella! I’ve posted articles before about how Korea is the “land of the freebies” with so many giveaways whenever one shops. During this very rainy Korean summer, we got to use our umbrellas that we never had to buy. My husband got a big umbrella from Intercrew, a Korean clothing brand. I got two this year from Skinfood and Holika Holika; while my son got a free transparent one from Hyundai Mobis. We have more umbrellas at home and ALL of them we got without paying a cent. The first free umbrella I’d ever had was given by my friend, Anna Banana, six years ago. I still have it here ;p

Umbrellas from Skinfood and Holika Holika
Umbrellas from Skinfood and Holika Holika

Aside from umbrellas, I also never had to buy towels. Koreans prefer to use smaller towels rather than regular ones. I’ve received towels from hair salons, supermarkets, and even Chinese food delivery – so every one of them are labeled with company names and phone numbers.
During seollal (lunar new year) and Chuseok, we get a lot of socks. I never imagined giving socks as presents. I guess it’s really practical since Koreans traditionally wear socks.


  1. This is so true… been hearing it from some friends who visited Korea. I wish some Korean shops here too will give freebies like samples/tester when you buys something from their shop. I think some shops here already do that, but you have to reach a certain amount of purchase for a freebie (like Etude House).
    There was a time when I visited a particular SkinFood branch over here and asked if they have product samples so I would test and see if a certain item will work on me and probably purchase it later, but they said they didn’t have any. They have testers at their shop though… but I don’t use those for sanitary purposes.

  2. speaking of umbrellas, while visiting Korea last year i used to like white, plastic umbrellas cost 300 won (i guess). They are cheap, they DO look cheap.. but i liked them couse they were light and easily found everywhere.

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