KBS1 Norae Jarang

Jeonguk Norae Jarang (Hangeul: ì „êµ­ 노래자랑) is one of Korea’s longest running television show. It began on November 9, 1980 so it has been on air for almost 31 years now. It’s hosted by one of Korea’s most loved personality, the 85 year old Song Hae. Norae Jarang is an amateur singing contest wherein the show is held from one city to another every week. This has been a Sunday lunch habit of millions of Koreans.
Jeonguk Norae Jarang gives the multicultural community a chance to participate in the contest during Seollal (lunar new year) and Chuseok. It’s no different this year as they will feature foreigners on Sunday, September 11th.
Let’s all watch KBS1’s Norae Jarang on Sunday, even as we prepare the food we’re going to have for next day’s Chuseok. There are more Filipinos joining on their Chuseok episode. In fact, two individual Filipino singers and a group won prizes (1st, 2nd and popularity award) this year. It’s for us to find out who they are.
Incidentally, KBS, MBC and SBS are in need of foreigners they could train as talents for TV dramas. If you’re interested, please give Ms. Donnabelle a call at 010-7648-5448 for more details. This is only open to residents of Korea.


  1. Hi ms betchay.!
    just wanna know if the foreigner applicant for a talent should be articulate in korean? 🙂

    1. Hi seul ah! I don’t know, but it’s best to call Ms. Donnabelle. She’s very friendly and accommodating.

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