Buying green and yellow mangoes in Korea

I never thought I’d see green mangoes in Korea. I’m not really a fan of this crunchy yet sour mango that’s best eaten with salted shrimp or as a salad with tomatoes and fish sauce. I just missed seeing green mangoes it so I asked my friend to send me a box of half-green and half-yellow mangoes imported directly from the Philippines.
By the way, Philippine mangoes and bananas now have competition here in Korea. Some mangoes you can find at the supermarket are imported from Thailand and Taiwan; while Guatemala is also exporting its bananas here, too.
Going back to the green and yellow mangoes. The green aren’t 100% green when I received the box. I didn’t have the chance to even eat one while they were still partly green. I ate them when they all turned yellow.

Green and yellow mangoes in South Korea
Green and yellow mangoes in South Korea

I just love the smell of the ripe yellow mangoes. I have been planning to make mango cream cake but that will have to wait since I already finished the box of mangoes by myself!
If you want to order green or yellow mangoes, you can send RINA a message at 019-506-7250. The mangoes are available in different sizes with free shipping in South Korea.
– small 24 pieces for 40,000 won
– medium 20 pieces for 42,000 won
– large 16 pieces for 45,000 won
They make great gifts. In fact, a friend’s Korean mom-in-law asked her to order ten boxes that she would give to her Korean friends and relatives.


  1. I was given one plastic of mango today and planning to make mango float with it. Mango from the Philippine is still the best. Do you know how to make mango float? no need to cook it just alternate graham cracker mango and combination of condensed milk and all purpose cream then freeze it Then you have your mango float already.

    1. Syempre, wala. Tsaka yung in-order kong box, binayaran ko yun ;p
      Order ako uli pero this time puro ripe na.

  2. Ooohhh, mangoes! I love making mango salsa–ripe mango, cucumber, red onions, cilantro, a squeeze of lime, olive oil and a dash of cayenne pepper.
    Hope to see the yummy mango cream cake on your blog. Happy weekend!

  3. merry christmas sa lahat.ilang araw bago dumating un order at un payment poh?i really need to eat green mangoes, favor poh.

  4. as a matter of fact, ang pangalan ng sitio namin ay Manggahan. kasi napakaraming puno ng mangga. we even have our own trees. kaya kapag tag-manga, bumabaha ng mangoes! ang lolo ko naman e nagbebenta nito sa market. great mangoes!

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