Happy Call Pressure Pan

When my two sisters visited us earlier this month, they shopped and shopped! They still have some things left at home – one big jumbo balikbayan box! Anyway, what made my sisters really happy are the Happy Call pressure pan. My eldest sister said she bought one in the Philippines for 9,000 pesos (marketed as Philkraft) and was shocked to find how much it is in Korea. Both my sisters got a pan each. Then my eldest sister ordered four more for her friends – plus another frying pan and a set of pots and pans.

Happy Call pressure pan
Happy Call pressure pan

I am also buying the Happy Call pressure pan as “pasalubong” for my relatives in the US when I visit them this holiday. If you guys are interested with the Happy Call pressure pan, send me a message. I’ll write a review of the product later ;p


  1. wow~~ how much is it in korea? and where can we buy that ? does homeplus or lottemart have that? thanks^^

    1. Chefel is also Happy Call. Parehong companies. Na-surprise naman ako na sobrang mahal niyan sa Pilipinas.

  2. Hi. I’m interested in the Happy Call pan. Magkano nyo po binebenta plus shipping dito sa Metro Manila. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sally! That’s what my sister bought in the Philippines. When we went shopping here, she saw them (the original Happy Call pressure pan) and bought five.

  3. whoa! my mom was crazy to buy these pans (philkraft). i was surprised nung umuwi ako. she already bought a set (pressure pan, and pressure cooker) that costed her Php17,000. then someone said i can buy these items here in Kr but didn’t know it was Happy Call brand not philkraft..
    Thanks po for the info^^;
    ps. pano po mgsend ng balikbayan box? i went to the post office before but they said it’s limited to 10kgs (ata) by ship but i want more than that.

  4. Good day ate betchay.. =) Is this safe? kasi ung mga pressure coker nkakatakot minsan gamitin.. magka-iba ba sila? how much po? and shipping in mandaluyong? thanks.. =)

  5. Where can I buy this in Seoul??? I have been looking ard n tomorrow is my last day here. Please tell me where I can buy this

    1. if you are selling authentic chefel or happy call pans from korea, please contact me through email. thanks

  6. hi, i was recently offered the Philkraft pressure pan and was thinking of buying kaso mahal nga. is it the same with 3 layer ceramic? how much ang happy call plus shipping to pampanga? kindly email me your reply. thanks in advance!

    1. Much less than that… my eldest sister also got hers for 9,000 pesos. When she came here, she bought five pieces and the total was still less than 9,000 pesos.

  7. How much po ang selling price nyo? It is being marketed here in the Phils as Philkraft at masyadong mahal

  8. hi how much for the pressure pan happy call
    do you still have stocks and how to order

    1. google it… 😀
      then compare…. 😀
      i did… and it really is cheaper… 😀

      1. please send me details on how you can get me a happy call pan. been Googling it but scared to get a fake one.

  9. i saw my friend’s philkraft pressure pan and its made in Korea.. how much are you selling happy call pressure pan?

  10. Hi Betchay, I really like the features of this pan and I want to purchase. Can you get it in Korea at a cheaper price?

  11. Hi, Betchay. I would like to buy four sets of happy call pressure pan. Can you please email to me the payment and delivery details. I live in Manila. Thanks.

  12. hi, ive been looking for an authentic happy call pressure pan here in ph but to no avail, the ph market is flooded with fake ones and I dont want to risk buying a fake one since it is used to prepare food. any ideas where to find the real ones here? or to be safe just order straight from korea?

  13. hi can you give me details how i can order from you. i live in manila.please email me.thanx

  14. So many readers have already asked how to order and how much it would cost, including shipping (to Philippines). Will somebody respond, please? I already got to the end of the thread of the conversation without seeing the answers. I’m also anxious to find out. Thank you.

    1. Hi Malot! Since I’ve been receiving a lot of requests, I will open a pre-order tonight.

  15. Hello. We are interested with happy call. But I have few questions. Is it original- they said its a Korean product but made in China. Some blogs says the color chips, so making it unhealthy for cooking. And how much is your price?

  16. I sell Philkraft Pressure Pan at Php 8,900. Please feel free to give me a ring or a message – 09985581890/ 09329059327…
    Free shipping… Thanks.

  17. Hi.I am from Surigao City.I’m interested of happy cal.How much pls. and include the shipment.Thanks.i

  18. I’ve already have a happy call, and Im not happy,.. and satisfied…though it says that the product is made in KOREA and it is also patented.

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