20 Reasons I Dislike the Philippines

I ended up laughing after watching this 14-minute video of an American who lives in Cebu. He said the F word here so many times that it seems to be a part of his normal language. While most of the things he said here may sound offensive to some, he also said a few good things about the Philippines – like it’s a really beautiful country and that the people are friendly. The reality still remains that there are things that the country needs to improve on. Rather than be defensive and declare him “persona non grata”, why not reflect on ourselves and do something about those things that really need change. Remember, it’s just his opinion… just supported by a video.
Oh, he also talked about the “loud and obnoxious Koreans in the Philippines” ;p

If we really love the Philippines like we always say, let’s take care of it and not blame others for our sad reality. Improve what needs to be improved. Change what needs to be changed.
If we really are the intelligent people that we think we are, we shouldn’t be contented with mediocrity. Raise our standards. We shouldn’t be too complacent and find excuses for our faults.


    1. Nakaka-miss ang tilaok ng mga manok sa madaling araw… at ang tunog ng walis tingting sa umaga… mainit na kape, pandesal at liver spread sa ala-6 ng umaga… sinangag, tuyo at itlog sa alas-9… ang AM radio mula alas-4 hanggang tanghali…

  1. Look at the colored tattoo on the guy’s arm in the video, which blatantly reveals that he is not an educated and that he doesn’t come from a decent family, either. He is the very obnoxious guy.
    Many westerners who are hanging around South East Asia are almost beggars or very cheap guys. They come to S.E. Asia just with their bare body and uneducated English, both of which are, they think, tools enough to survive, if they are in S.E. Asia.
    Conversely, Koreans in South East have money enough to keep their decent life and to contribute to local economy significantly.
    In addition to that, as a rule of thumb, Koreans in S.E. Asia have higher educational background than westerners.
    The stark contrast between Koreans and westerners in S.E. Asia is that Korean tool is money and westerners’ tool is English and bare body. Intelligent Filipinos can decide who is better for the Philippines.

    1. pollo, *** *** * *****. He is educated and does come from a good family. You are very obviously an obnoxious korean. I lived in Cebu and yes the Koreans are the WORST.

      1. John, educated? with his mouth full f*ckin trashit words? We call this kind of jerks here in North America Garbage Trashy ordinary indstry worker or probably a lazy one waiting for government support.

    2. Hi Pollo! Unfortunately, Koreans have a negative image in most countries in South East Asia. Sometimes, it is not really about the money or the economic value that they put in the country that matters to the locals. Most of the time, the Koreans there (in the Philippines for an example) don’t really mingle with the people. In contrast, the Westerners are usually friendly and interacts with the locals. For most Filipinos, and perhaps for other Southeast Asians as well, human connection is important and sometimes it is more important than money or education ;p
      My sisters who visited me last year actually noted how different Koreans are in the Philippines and the Koreans here in Korea.

  2. I watched this video on facebook yesterday and everything he said in the eyes of an observant and concern individual are accurate enough for us to evaluate at least, on how to improve our everyday living conditions in our very own neighbourhood.
    The only thing that doesn’t apply for me here would be the Rooster ^^ ..I live in Makati and yes, there’s no rooster here and plastic trash are quite very few in my area because it’s just a few walk to the central business district area. But generally, we do have a huge problem with our waste disposal. The “tissue” thing is appropriate to those “Turo-turo” and I can say that he didn’t research enough the fact that it’s been the “standard size” of table napkins even in fast-food chains and in every supermarket in the Philippines but not in hotels and other restaurant. I personally think this tissue thing doesn’t make any sense as you can always buy your own if he’s not satisfied with what was given to him as I believe he didn’t pay too much for what he ate.
    Westerners or Koreans as long as you don’t commit crimes and harm any filipino’s are not a factor of preference so we could choose between those tourist (as if we have an option) but it’s not good to say he’s “Uneducated” let’s just say he works at night and always didn’t have a proper sleep that’s why he’s always annoyed with such noise on his surroundings and at the end of the day~ still, he’s dissatisfied.
    Having a population of about 85Million people all we could do now is to work hard to make our lives more comfortable or we could let another foreign national say the same thing over again 

  3. i totally agree with you ms. betchay^^ .,
    opinion nya yun eh..marami sa atin ang hindi marunong tumanggap ng kritisismo… dapat marunong tayong tumanggap ng kamalian at baguhin ang kung anu mang dapat baguhin.,. ^^

  4. Hey
    Guys wait a minute, the video was made not exactly for us,
    it was made for our Government. It is calling an attention
    to the Goverment (Our Goverment). This is a suicide video.
    I know it is very offensive video but what can we do if we just keep
    quiet. This is the time to awake our leader and citizen.
    Jerry and I & the rest made this video for a purpose to awake you & exactly our leaders.

  5. eh ano naman ang reaction ng DOT? kakausapin yung kano? yun lang? sus,… we all know what’s good and bad naman with the phillipines… kahit naman ibang countries meron nyan pero mas maraming effort ang ineexert ng iba sa pagpopromote ng good about their country…

  6. All the issues he pointed out /showed were TRUE, REAL LIFE Life in Cebu or in Phils as a whole. A lot of things he pointed out were TOO SHALLOW and mere stupidity to dislike the Philippines (Cock Crow, tissue, warm Beer, whitening lotion, security guard, BBQ stands,) and Disrespect personal preference, culture. He mentioned things that are unnecessary and the way he delivers the message is Just rude. It’s NOT AN EYE OPENER video, there are so many words that are DIRTY and inappropriate. Some PEOPLE and even FILIPINOS themselves thinks Its just the TRUTH BUT THERE is a BETTER WAY to say these things if HE WANTS a CHANGE, obviously this man is just insulting, very Unprofessional, probably a high school level in America and a trade worker full of Trasht in his mouth, almost every sentence has F and S words. Foreigners have a choice not to go in the Philippines. But to INSULT, CRITICIZE and DISCRIMINATE a country is UNACCEPTABLE. For He’s been 3.5 years in Phils, he’s aware already of the things the video he just made up. He could leave the Phils. in a month. Of the 20 reasons, only 4 valid issues and rest are VERY SHALLOW and personal preference, comparing a poor third world to a first world which some can be found in North America. Obviously, this kid is one of the lazy and poor know it all Americans.

  7. Let’s pass this on, feel free to share to your blogs and social media accounts:
    To Jimmy, Michael Goodman, and the producers of the video: now that you’re done ranting, show you truly care about the Philippines by helping us feed the poor at Pasil or reach out to the CSWs at Junquera or the drug dependents at Tejero, or better yet, lend assistance to the worthy cause of David Overton here in Cebu. Doing so will help you draw much, much more traffic to channelfix.com and consequently up your advertising revenues, which is what you intended to do in the first place, isn’t it? Looking forward to your reply.

  8. To tell someone he is uneducated because he tells the truth is hypocrisy to the part of us filipinos. Truth hurts but nobody see what is the real situation if nobody dare to speak out. This is my country i am a filipino and i am a good citizen. What get me mad is the fact that there are filipinos who do not know discipline even just to care where to throw their trash. I am from mindanao just living for few months here in quezon city and i always have reason to be scare not to float when it rain im scared of the flash floods cos i saw how filthy some people are. All their trash are everywhere. I wonder why government in this part of quezon do not have strict rules regarding trash . Secondly people live with animals ewww. Everywhere i walk to have animal shit and on my front door some neighbors are simply annoying they think they own all the space their cock is on my door wow and cats and dogs shit are everywhere and big rats are running everywhere and millions of roaches roam in my bathroom. Now if even me thinks this kind of environment sucks what more to people who dont use to have filthy environment. Just sayin…wake up hypocrites.

    1. So you just agree that this trash boy says f**ck shitty about he dislike the phils. Most of it are very shallow.

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