KBS Nanum+ Festival

Last April 13 to 15, Korea Broadcasting System or KBS held the “Nanum + Festival” at Yeouido Park. “Nanum” (Hangeul: 나눔) means sharing in Korean. The theme of the festival is about a harmonious South Korea with the children of multicultural families.
I was only able to attend the last day of the festival. Different multicultural groups and non-governmental organizations showcased their booths to the public. There were also three stages set up at the cultural area of Yeouido Park where performers, both amateur and professional entertained the visitors. One of them was “Damayan” and the “Little Damayan”, dance groups composed of amateur Filipino dancers who volunteer their time to perform traditional Filipino dances to Korean audiences.

Above: Damayan dancing the "subli" and below, Little Damayan performing "tinikling"

A few of my friends volunteered to man the booth of a multicultural organization, the Waterdrop Society. They said that Kpop idols also performed at the festival on the 14th. I missed it! Anyway, I still had fun watching the performances on the last day.
I didn’t have the time to visit all the booths, but here’s one that was really popular:
People line up outside this bus to have their pictures taken with an imposed background.

I spent the most time at the booth of “Waterdrop Society”. There they had displays of cultural items from different countries. They also had costumes that visitors could try on.
Cultural items displayed at the Waterdrop Society booth

The newly-elected representative, Jasmine Lee, helped organized the booth in her capacity as a director of Waterdrop Society. People passing by would stop by and congratulate her or ask to have their pictures taken with her.
Outside the booth of Waterdrop Society

The festival ended at 7 o’clock that night. The volunteers were tired but happy. I had fun too just hanging out with my friends. It was nice to see the positive reaction of the ordinary Korean on the street to the Philippine-born Jasmine Lee, the first naturalized Korean to join Korea’s congress.
Volunteers for KBS Nanum + Festival

Hoping for another festival next year!

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