Galactomyces Niacin

When my sister visited us last month, she said that my skin has improved. And I agreed with her. I don’t know what exactly was working since I’ve only been using a few products since last year:
– SK II Pitera Essence for three months
– IOPE Whitegen Cream for four months (I didn’t finish the bottle)
– Chanel Hydramax Cream (LOVE this product!)
– 100% Galactomyces for three months
– Vitamin C20 Serum for three months
– BRTC Multi Vital (currently using)
When I first posted about the 100% Galactomyces, I wrote that my skin reacted negatively. However, I still finished the bottle and my skin had improved towards the end. After that I used the Vitamin C20 Serum and I loved how it evened out my skin tone. My forehead is not as dark as before and it is almost the same tone as the rest of my face ;p
I’m not diligent when it comes to skin care. In fact, I just put on serum and cream in the morning and that’s it. However, we’re not getting any younger and it’s really time that we spend time for our skin albeit a little late.

Galactomyces Niacin from Manyo Factory

Last week, I purchased Galactomyces Niacin. The one I used before was 100% Galactomyces. The product I recently purchased has 97% Galactomyces and 3% Niacin. The latter is known for its anti-aging benefits.
I bought two bottles for 29,000 won from a social networking site. The retail price of one is 29,000 won. I got the products this week with a piece of Galactomyces mask sheet. I haven’t use the product since I’m still using the BRTC…
I hope to update with before and after pictures. AFAIK, galactomyces is the hottest beauty skin care product here in Korea!

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