Woori Bank's Special Interest Rate for Multicultural Families

Saving in a bank may not be the best way to “invest” your money especially that interest rates are on the downtrend. Thankfully, Woori Bank is offering a higher interest rate for multicultural families who would like to save some money on an installment basis. It’s called 우리 희망드림 적금 (Woori Hope Dream Savings) and the offer is 7.5% interest.
With this savings account, you could save up to 300,000 won every month for up to one year. The total yield is 3,746,250 won and it’s tax free. You and your Korean spouse can each open an account for a total monthly savings of 600,000 won. The requirements are 가족증명사 (Family Certificate) that you can get from the 동사무서 or village office, an ARC or Korean ID and 기본증명사 (Primary Certificate) for those who’ve acquired Korean citizenship. A personal stamp or 도장 is optional.
Opening a savings account in Woori is a breeze. I went to the nearest Woori Bank last April 30th. It took me less than ten minutes and I only needed basic Korean to communicate with the teller. I just filled in the application form with my name, ID number, address and phone numbers. I chose to sign rather than use a stamp. After the teller input my info, I just had to put in my PIN, gave her the money and got my passbook.

7.5% interest rate for multicultural families
7.5% interest rate for multicultural families

So if you want a higher interest rate on your monthly savings, head on to Woori Bank and ask for the “Woori Hope Dream Savings” for multicultural families. Just don’t forget the requirements ;p


  1. ate betchay,
    wow that is a good news,but someone told me that KB bank or kookmin bank and ever rich(post office) are also offered the same thing for multi cultural families,Im not sure so please let me know,thank you!
    liza of jeju

    1. Meron ang KB na 7.5% para lang sa foreign wives or 이주여성. Limit is 500k… nag-open din ako pero hanapin ko muna kung saan ko nilagay ang passbook =.=

      1. Hello Ms. Betchay. Parang naconfuse ako iba-iba ang nababasa at naririnig ko tunglok. dito, pwede po pakilinaw ng maigi kase nagpos-t kayo ng blog na ganito kaya paki-klaro po kayo ay mas matagal na dito sa korea at marami ng alam at mas nakakaintindi kayo ng salita at sistema dito. Kase 2 months ago nag-open ang asawa ko ng account namin sa KB (suggested by our niece who works at KB). Ang pagkaintindi ko po ay pangalan namin dalawa yun kase sinend niya copy ng alien card ko at copy ng nat’l ID niya (or account ko lang yun pero required ang identity ng asawa ko). Tas sabi 300,000won ang bigay kada buwan (300,000×12= 3,600,00) , at porsyento daw ay 7% or 7.5% (so nagdeposit na kami last month). Pag end ng isang taon pwede na daw i-w/draw ang pera together w/ the earned interest per month. So ano po yung limit na 500 na sabi niyo sa taas? Paki linaw po. Maraming salamat Ms. Betchay.

        1. Hi Juhee! Yung 500,000 won na limit ay para sa KB Bank. Ibig sabihin, pwede kang maghulog ng 500,000 won buwan-buwan. Hindi pwedeng 600,000 won buwan-buwan or 1,000,000 won buwan. Yun sa ‘yo 300,000 won ang ide-deposito mo buwan-buwan. Kung 100,000 lang ang kaya eh di 100,000 won buwan-buwan. Sa Woori naman 300,000 won ang pinakamataas na pwedeng i-deposit buwan-buwan.

  2. God bless Korea!
    Koreans are the most giving and wonderful people today. Historically the Koreans have always been relatively kind. They rarely attacked their neighbors and slavery was abolished at an early era.
    They were too kind and fell prey to Japan. But that turned out to be a blessing after World War II ended and they witnessed first hand what Russia and China would’ve done to them as Millions of N.Koreans starved to death even this past decade.
    South Korea is proof that if you let a good nation become prosperous, they’ll give in return! Korea took awhile to stand on its feet but when it did, the whole world wishes it had happened sooner! Because Korea is using that wealth to bless other nations!
    Korea stood up mostly all by itself, hence the term: Han river miracle. America did little to thwart Korea’s impoverished years, and so cannot claim much credit for Korea’s current prosperity and success; only its freedom from Communism.
    President Park’s father who put his name in the history books by letting go of the title of dictator, and placing an economic foundation that led to today’s miracle, made mistakes but apparently made some good choices for Korea and now his daughter the current President is reaping all the benefits and is continuing Korea’s great legacy.
    She said it best before the U.S. Congress last week that the Han river miracle was not a miracle, it was the result of Koreans doing what they do best! And what do Koreans do best? They work together as a community and family, caring about their nation, caring about the world. Thank you for your article that definitely proves all of this. -Ben ã……ã……

    1. I appreciated the value of money better when I came here. I thank my husband for caring about our future more than anything. ^_^

  3. Hey! All the other major banks (Kookmin, Nonghyup, IBK, KDB) have similar accounts. As far as I know, they need the same documents. I’ll open an account everywhere and get rich 😉

        1. KB at Woori lang ang meron… wala sa Nonghyup… kasi April and May kami nag-start ng 적금 so nagre-research kami ng mataas na interest rate. Kaya nga namin nakita ang Woori and KB. Nonghyup kami usualky kasi pinakamataas na rate sa kanila. KEB naman ang personal accnt ko kasi maraming benefits.

  4. Hi Betchay!
    Thanks for the great info but I need to ask: what kind of account is it? Is this a time deposit where you have to deposit KRW300,000 every month for up to 2-3 years and then you can get the money afterwards? Or do you simply give them a lump sum and wait? Maraming salamat po! ^^

  5. are going to tell the teller that you are a married immigrant or paano mag open thanks for the info

  6. 300,000 per month multiply by 12months 3,600,000 yung bang 3,746,250 ang makukauha mo after 1 year so it means 146,250 ang interest po ba d po ako marunong sa korea or can you please translate sa english or tagalog yung nakasulat sa taas thanks

      1. a lot of thanks this blog is really helpfull sna dumami pa ang makabasa nito God bless po

  7. I opened account in Woori (thanks for the tip ^^), but my local KB says that Kookmin does not offer anything similar. Can anyone here confirm whether or not KB actually has a similar multicultural account and if so, what is it called?

    1. Hi Jakob! KB has a special account for 이주여성 only or foreign women who are married to Korean men. The limit with this account is 500,000 won a month. With Woori’s special savings for multicultural families, even the Korean husband/wife could also open an account.

      1. Hi Betchay, thanks for your reply. For foreign women only, eh? Haha, as a foreign man being married to a Korean woman, I feel “slightly” discriminated, but if I don’t encounter greater injustices than this, probably I’ll be okay ~.^. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

  8. Hello po,hanggang kelan po kaya meron ganyan sa bank??now ko pa lng po kasi nakita tong post nyo,Salamat po~~

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