Caribbean Bay for 10,000 won

Caribbean Bay is said to be the biggest water park, not only in Korea, but in the world. It is located in the city of Yongin in Gyeonggi-do. It is less than an hour drive from where we live in eastern Seoul. In fact, we left our apartment’s parking at 9:01 and arrived in Everland’s parking 1A at exactly 9:43 yesterday, June 16th.

Got three tickets at 10,000 won each using my KEB cards.
Got three tickets at 10,000 won each using my KEB cards.

Caribbean Bay is located beside Everland, our favorite amusement park in Korea. It was my first time at the water park and I enjoyed it sooooo much. I still remember the fun I had there with my boys (husband and son). And to think, I spent less than 50,000 won ;p
KEB or Korea Exchange Bank is treating their clients to 10,000 won ticket to Caribbean Bay until June 23rd. A customer can get the discounted ticket for each card issued by the bank. I have a credit card and two cash cards with them, so I was able to purchase three tickets at 10,000 won each. A regular ticket for the month of June is priced at 50,000 won. The fun we had is worth more than that!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a lot of pictures as were so eager to hit the water. As soon as I bought the tickets, we head on inside.


  1. Upon entering the water park, our bags were searched for food and mat. They are not allowed inside and there is a repository for them located outside.
  2. Buy a “BAY COIN”, available in 30k, 50k and 70k won denominations. You can pay by credit card or cash. I bought a 50k bay coin and was given a waterproof bracelet strip that I wore on my wrist. I used it to buy food inside Caribbean Bay.
  3. After getting a bay coin, we went to the fifth floor of the Aquatic Center (the biggest building that can be seen from outside the Caribbean Bay). The locker rooms are located on the 4th and 5th floor, but there is also an outdoor locker at another building. I paid 3,000 won — 2,000 won for the locker and 1,000 won deposit. I was given a bracelet with a key. The women and men’s locker rooms are separate, but we didn’t want to pay for another locker.
  4. I changed to my swimsuit at the locker room and sprayed myself with sunscreen. There were many women who wore bikinis, but there were more women who wore something on top of their swimsuits — like gauze top and shorts. It is best to go barefoot around the water park.
  5. There are so many pools to enjoy — both indoor and outdoor. We weren’t able to try all the pools and the rides. We didn’t want to wait for 60 minutes to 120 minutes for a two-minute ride on the Aqualoop. We had so much fun at the Wave Pool and the Adventure Pool, though. My husband liked the warmer but crowded “Bade Pools”.
  6. At Caribbean Bay, one would see adults wearing life vests. They are available for rent at 5,000 won plus 1,000 won deposit. We didn’t bother to rent one, but it’s a must if one wants to get to the inner portion of the wave pool.
  7. At lunch time, there was a long line at the restaurants so we didn’t bother. My son had two churros at 3,000 won each. I and my husband shared a bulgogi bake (4,500 won) and a hot cup of latte (3,800 won). We had a big breakfast and an even bigger dinner in the evening.
  8. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase a waterproof case for my camera or cellphone. The waterproof cellphone case at the water park is 20,000 won. The ones with the “Caribbean Bay” mark are 22,000 won. I didn’t want to spend that much. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹
  9. We were in the pools from 10:15 AM to 4:30 PM. There is a shower room at the end of the locker room. It’s public so no cubicles — which means everyone is naked. This is something I got used to here in Korea — naked people at the shower room and bathhouses. When I got out, there was a long line of naked Korean women lining up for the showers.
  10. I brought my own toiletries but there is free shampoo/rinse and body wash at the shower room. Bath towel is not provided and can be rented for 2,000 won. I brought my own bath towel.
  11. Outside the shower room, there are machines to rinse off excess water from towels or wet clothes. They are free to use.
  12. At the powder room, you can find Happy Bath body lotion, Mamonde skin toner and emulsion, hair gel, cotton buds, comb and hair dryer that are free to use.
  13. After showering, I returned the key to the locker room and I got back the 1,000 won deposit. I proceeded to the “Bay Coin Center” and got the unused funds canceled.
  14. If you’re coming with a child, bring a life vest and a tube. There are tubes at the River Way, but it could be difficult to get one when there are so many people.
  15. Food isn’t so expensive. An omelet rice is 10,000 won. I saw a few people were able to sneak in cutup watermelon in containers. A 500 ml bottle of mineral water is 900 won, but drinking water is also available (if you can find them).
  16. You can visit Caribbean Bay without bringing anything. You can rent even rent a swimsuit for 6,000 won.
  17. If you have a KEB card, the entrance is 10,000 until June 23rd. You may bring up to 3 guests who can get the 30% discount for their tickets with your card.
  18. If you don’t have a KEB card, open an account now and get a cash card OR apply for a credit card now. They have a 10,000 won surprise event EVERY month and I’ve taken advantage of them almost every month!!!
  19. There were so many people at the water park yesterday, but there was still room for us to enjoy. It wasn’t shoulder to shoulder, like what one would expect in the summer.
    Since I didn’t bother taking pictures, visit this page I found with pictures of Caribbean Bay. You can also get more information from Caribbean Bay’s official website. It has information on the ticket prices, operating hours and transportation.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Planning to go there in July. Reading your post, I guess I need to prepare myself for shoulder-to-shoulder crowd. Ouch 😣😣😣

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