Thank You, Korean Red Cross

On November 25th, the ladies of “The 601 Habit” woke up (really) early to go to Incheon International Airport. They were there before 6:30 AM as a send-off party for the 15-man team of the Korean Red Cross.

Ladies of "The 601 Habit" thank the Korean Red Cross.
Ladies of “The 601 Habit” thank the Korean Red Cross.

Thank you to Razel, Anne, Laarni, Zel and Marge for representing the Filipina immigrants in Korea. They were there to thank the Korean Red Cross and wish them the best. The ladies were at the airport sans makeup and even before they had breakfast. The KBS news team was there as well as a ton of photographers. They are naturally beautiful (inside and out) anyway. Rep. Jasmine Lee talked to the Korean Red Cross team before they departed. Their final destination is Northern Iloilo, which was also badly hit by typhoon Yolanda but has not been given the same media attention as Tacloban.
That same morning, news clips of the Korean Red Cross departing for the Philippines appeared online. It was also on KBS news that night. Thank you ladies for waking up so early to get to the airport and even if you had to go to work the same day, too.
Thank you, Korean Red Cross for helping in the relief effort for typhoon Yolanda victims. We will never forget!


  1. American newspaper reported ” we could find foreign rescue teams in Philippines, but we couldn’t find Philippines’ rescue teams in Philippines. The people in Philippines are busy with their business and the rescue jobs are dependent on foreigners.”

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