Watch Giselle Sanchez in Seoul

Filipina comedian Giselle Sanchez is the star of the show “Merienda Komedya de Yolanda” happening on January 4th at 2PM at the Commiskeys in Yongsan Base, Seoul.

Giselle Sanchez in Seoul
Giselle Sanchez in Seoul

The show, which is organized by a Filipino community, will benefit the victims of typhoon Yolanda including the ones “The 601 Habit” is supporting. Yey! More boats for the Filipino fishermen.
Tickets for the show is only 15,000 won. That’s a steal considering how funny and entertaining Giselle Sanchez is and “merienda” will also be served.
For gate pass to Yongsan Base, please contact:
– or call/message 01-3474-8302
– worldjam2020 (Kakao)
Please hurry as the organizer will need to complete the list of people who will be admitted inside the base. Just message your ARC number and contact number of for “Artistas” or those without legal visas, passport number and contact number will do.

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