A Filipino Proposal in Seoul

A few Sundays ago, I was supposed to join a “surprise” proposal by a Filipino living in Korea (Jayan) to his girlfriend (Raechelle) who is visiting with her sisters. I met them only once in 2012 when they were both scholars here in Korea. It was just a walk and a dinner, but I remember them well because they looked so in love. I also remember that while looking for a restaurant, we saw a boy on the roof a house. He was crying and when the guys saw him, they didn’t think twice to help him come down. A small gesture but it shows a lot about a person’s character, right?

Summer of 2012, Jayan helping the boy come down
Summer of 2012, Summer of 2012, Jayan was the first to help the boy

When a friend invited me (and other friends) to join the “surprise” proposal in Seoul, I was really excited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come because Sundays are reserved for my family. It would have been the first time I’d witness a live proposal. Honestly, I don’t remember mine since I thought my husband was just kidding that time when he proposed ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹
I saw the video of the proposal on my FB news feed today and it is marked public. I cried tears of joy for the couple ~ so lucky to have found each other. They met in Korea and where else could be the best place for them to get engaged?
When something is so beautiful, it should be shared 😀

Or from Jayan’s FB:

I apologize to Jayan if the video is not meant for public consumption… but I hope he won’t mind it. He did something really beautiful and I hope more men will do the same ~ make their proposal memorable ~ although not every man can sing as well as him 😀


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