No Black, No Filipino, No Asian

A “teacher wanted” ad with the words “No Black, No Filipino, No Asian” on Craigslist is the topic of controversy in this news article by John Redmond on Korea Times:

An advertisement for English teachers posted on Craigslist, an international classified advertising website, has sparked outrage for its overt racism.
A recruiting company, ACE, first posted the English teaching vacancy ad in June stating, “White English Teacher Wanted ― No Black, No Filipino, No Asian (Seoul),” on the widely used online site among expats in Korea.
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The ad is no longer available online but here is how it looks like. It’s a screen capture of a screen capture posted on Facebook ~ not mine. I just cropped it.

A screen capture of the photo posted on FB, cropped.
A screen capture of the photo posted on FB, cropped.

The original link on Craigslist:
I’ve seen similar ads in the past, mostly in English ESL job sites. Many of the ads on those sites only want “native speakers” ~ and Filipinos are not considered native speakers. Sadly that such discrimination exists in Korea but I’d be a hypocrite if I say that it’s all fair back in my country. So many times I had seen job ads in the Philippines wanting only graduates of UP, Ateneo, DLSU, St. Paul’s and UST.
The ad above does not only discriminate against Filipinos, but also African-Americans, Korean-Americans and Koreans as well. So the issue is not about non-native speakers, but on the race of the applicant. African-Americans are native speakers but they’re not white.
I bet every Filipino in Korea who have applied for an English teaching position in Korea had experienced being rejected just because they are from the Philippines. Employment discrimination is an issue that affects us. Aside from rejection, there are times we are offered a salary that is so much lower than what employers would spend on a native speaker. Also, there have been cases wherein the hagwon would ask the Filipino employer to lie about her nationality.
This does not mean that ALL hagwon owners discriminate against Filipinos since I know many who have landed good jobs and are paid well. If one visits ESL site jobs in English, they mostly are looking for native speakers. The best way to get hired in Korea is to apply directly to hagwons. Also, check my post on Teaching Jobs for Filipinas Married to Koreans.
If you’re a Filipino living in the Philippines, remember that South Korea’s E-2 (language teaching) visa is NOT OPEN to countries other than the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.


  1. This is very discriminating. Really! i felt bad for our race to be continuously ridiculed by fellow Asians. I hope there comes a time that we will equally be treated in all parts of the world.
    For all Filipinos, I guess we need to start loving our own race and be proud of what we are and who we are. Let’s do things that can eventually prove them that we are different from what they think.

  2. It’s actually “Please” not “Pls”. We’re glad to know that you don’t like your own kind. An Asian country who doesn’t like “Asians”.

    1. Koreans are also sometimes discriminated at English hagwons. They do the most work and don’t get paid much.

  3. Don’t let anybody feel like a victim when reading this ad. Kung ayaw di ayaw, di ayaw. We’re good at certain things that will make them bend on their knees. Let that be our weapon.

    1. I prefer a blunt statement all the time so both sides won’t have to waste time, but that’s just me 😀

  4. hi beth also im here in geongsangnamdo..i just asking a question about how to teach english by also a house and i dont have any experience to work here in korea for almost 5 years..i hope u have time to read my comment..godbless and thank you for sharing ur life here in korea~~~

  5. Damn thing. Its how they rated it. Look for a native speaker teacher in the schools most of them are empty because they cant handle their own class. As if they take the huge part in handling the class. A big No.

  6. I stand corrected but not rejected.If Filipinos are being rejected to teach English in Korea why would they go to the Philippines and learn the same language wherein teachers are mostly full blooded Filipinos.It is disheartening to know that racial discrimination has been practiced….

    1. Most tutorial centers here in Korea prefer Caucasian teachers from native English speaking countries (especially North America) because according to the hagwon owners I know, 1.English is their native language
      2. Most parents want their children to learn the language from a Caucasian teacher (My take? Asian mentality) and because of this, having a blue eyed, blonde hair and white skinned teacher is a good way to attract customers.
      @Marceline, I used to ask the same question especially on my first year here in Korea.
      The reason why Koreans go to the Philippines is the price of education. It is way cheaper there compared to the U.S., Australia, England, Canada or New Zealand.

  7. I bet that’s psychological, people pay higher if they know the person is a real english speaker with english features and aspects. It’s like comparing pony shoes to nike. same quality but there’s a different mindset when you use each of them, with nike being more superior because it widely advertised by the media at ito yung “Uso”. Oh wait, ganyan rin naman taung mga pilipino ah? Judgmental, mahilig manlait kahit hindi natin alam anong pinagdaanan nung tao. tsk tsk tsk.

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