DJ Gennie on I-Witness in Korea

If you don’t know who DJ Gennie Kim is, she is a public figure in the Filipino community in Korea. She hosts the radio show “Multicultural Family Broadcast for Filipinos” aside from a regular job and volunteer job as a counselor for migrant workers.
I met her on Sunday afternoon at the Korea Port Training Institute in Incheon City where she spends her Sundays with the EPS workers training for Heavy Equipments. As we were talking, she continuously received messages of congratulations from those who saw her appearance on I-Witness in Korea with Howie Severino.

Howie Severino and the I-Witness team was in Korea last August. Then, Rey Langit and his team also came to feature Korea in his show. He also interviewed DJ Gennie. Next week, an internationally known Filipino celebrity will be with Gennie.
Aside from Gennie, another Filipina was also with Howie Severino on his show. That’s Ning Fetalvero-Shin from Jeonju who is a community leader in Jeonju.
While Gennie mostly received positive comments for her appearance, she also got bashed by Filipinos who criticized that she couldn’t speak Tagalog well. She is from Cebu and she at times speak Tagalog with a Visayan accent. Nothing wrong with that ~ but it surely shows that there is something wrong with those who pay more attention to a person’s accent than on the performance of what they set out to do.

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